Woman dies after ‘one sip’ of wine spiked with MDMA

A woman in Belgium has died from one sip of wine laced with a lethal dose of party drug MDMA.

The unnamed 41-year-old woman from Puurs is believed to have discarded the bottle after finding the wine did not taste good, but nevertheless fell unconscious shortly after trying the 2016 Black & Bianco merlot-cabernet sauvignon.

Prosecutors in Antwerp believe drug traffickers had pumped the bottle with an excessive amount of the drug, CNN reports.

The woman was brought to the hospital after collapsing in December, but died five days later from an overdose of the illicit drug, also called “molly” or “ecstasy,” according to Flemish newspaper Het Nieuwsblad

The victim’s sister told reporters her sibling had always been “100% against drugs” and only drank “one sip.”

On Wednesday, Dutch winemakers Black & Bianco posted a statement on their website saying they are “very shocked and very upset” by the news. They also alleged foul play, noting that their original black cork had been replaced with a beige one for the bottle in question.

Expressing sympathy for the dead woman’s family, Black & Bianco also stated that they are not aware of any other compromised bottles, and urged customers to call police should they suspect they are in possession of tainted wine purchased from the company.

Local law enforcement also warned customers to be on the lookout for bottles that have been tampered with.

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