Woman builds her dream Disney Rapunzel cottage – where you can sleep in the tower

LIVING like a Disney princess is a dream come true for most fairy tale fans.

But one Disney lover has made her dream a reality and built her own Rapunzel-themed cottage based on the film Tangled.

A Tiktok user with the handle @charmed.fam designed a 200sqft home which can sleep up to six people.

The cottage is complete with a turret on top of a tree and even has a long blonde plait draping over the roof and wall in homage to Rapunzel's iconic hair.

In a video, the designer takes viewers on a journey through the house, which contains bunk beds, a double bed and two single beds, one of which is round and in the tower.

It also has a small kitchen area with a fridge freezer and microwave as well as a bathroom next door.

The designer posted a photo of their cottage on Reddit with the handle Awkward Method.

She wrote: "I finally got my cottage built. It's small at 220' with a bathroom in the back and will comfortably sleep six (including a round bed in Rapunzel's tower)."

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The Tiktok video has been watched 155,000 times and the Reddit post has been liked more than 57,000 times.

One person wrote on Reddit: "This looks so cool and so good that I thought it was a model and not an actual house at first. Props to you."

Another commented: "I could die happy if I lived here."

A third wrote: "This is amazing! I love the detailing and the windows. Thank you for sharing."

Someone commented on Tiktok: "It's so great to see people having their dreams come true. Congrats to you and your family."

The cottage is in Canada and is available to rent for $300 a night.

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