Winds of Winter theory: Arya Stark to steal Jeyne Poole’s face in brutal double-cross

Winds of Winter was recently given a tentative release date by its writer, George RR Martin. Fans of the franchise have been waiting almost an entire decade for the sixth addition to the story, and they are now full of ideas. The fifth book, A Dance With Dragons, concluded with a number of characters in odd positions, primed and ready for battle in the forthcoming continuation.

Considering the fans of the franchise have been waiting so long for the next portion of the story, they are eager to learn what is coming.

Because of this, the fandom has been hard at work in crafting theories on what is going to happen next.

Lately, they have had their eyes fixed upon Arya Stark and her story.

Fans will remember leaving Arya on her way back to Westeros after being in Braavos for so long.

Meanwhile, in Westeros young Jeyne Poole has been ordered to impersonate Arya for her safety, and indeed as as bargaining chip.


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Because nobody has seen Arya for so long, nobody is certain whether she is really alive or not.

Since Arya was last in Westeros she has learned a great deal from the Faceless Men, including how to take the faces of her victims.

Now, Reddit user sbuskey23 has theorised Arya could steal Jeyne’s face.

The fan wrote: “So, Jeyne Poole is currently travelling to The Wall with Justin Massey at the beginning of TWOW after Theon’s sample chapter.

“When she gets there and finds Jon Snow still dead she continues to Braavos with Massey, as that is his next intended destination.

“In Braavos Jeyne runs into real Arya. Arya steals Jeyne’s face and returns to Westeros impersonating the person who was impersonating her. Woah.”

This would cause quite a stir in the storyline, as those around Jeyne would know she is impersonating Arya to keep the peace, but in reality it actually would be Arya.

But this method begs the question: How would this help Arya?

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Of course, Arya is looking for revenge against those who killed her mother and brother, so could acting as Jeyne allow her to get into new areas unharmed?

This isn’t the only theory floating throughout Reddit at the moment, as many people believe Ser Barristan Selmy will turn on Daenerys Targaryen in the books to come.

Ser Selmy is fraught with pride and honour, and is eager to serve the throne no matter what.

Because of this, he believes Daenerys is the rightful heir to the throne, and therefore he has followed her all the way through her journey.


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But with the inclusion of Young Griff – a supposed hidden Targaryen – he may switch sides to ensure he claims the throne once again.

A Song Of Ice And Fire expert BryndenBFish recently posited: “With all of the dangers posed to Barristan, this has led to the general idea that Barristan might end up dying at or immediately after the Battle of Fire.

“However, the alternative theory (the one I favour) is that Ser Barristan will survive the Battle of Fire, and then learning about Young Griff, he’ll turncloak on Daenerys Targaryen in favour of Aegon ‘VI’ Targaryen, the tRuEbOrN sOn of Rhaegar Targaryen.”

Winds of Winter is expected to be released in 2021.

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