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Ellie Goulding is going to be a mom!

On Feb. 23, the singer revealed to Vogue that she and her husband, Caspar Jopling, are expecting their first child together. With this exciting news now out in the open, many people want to know everything about Goulding and Jopling’s relationship, including how they met and how long they’ve been together.

Who is Caspar Jopling?

Jopling is a 29-year-old art consultant who not only well-versed in his field but is also very educated in the arts.

In addition to attending Eton College (where Prince William and Prince Harry also went), Jopling also studied the history of art and architecture at Harvard University.

After graduating from Harvard, Jopling moved to New York City and worked as an art dealer at Sotheby’s in the contemporary art department.

Currently, he’s studying to obtain his MBA from Oxford University, which he’s spent much of the coronavirus pandemic working toward.

How did Ellie Goulding and Caspar Jopling’s love story begin?

According to Hello! Magazine, Jopling and Goulding were first introduced by their mutual friend, Princess Eugenie.

As the “Love Me Like You Do” singer revealed in a July 2020 interview with The Guardian, she and Jopling didn’t experience love at first sight.

“It wasn’t love at first sight. It was months of both of us being painfully shy and walking around a few galleries, not saying a single word to each other. There was no drama or arguments, she said. “There was no me trying to figure out if he liked me or not, and then writing about it and getting drunk about it. It didn’t require the initial dating thing that we all do where we’re waiting for them to call. He just called. It was the thing I’ve been waiting for, but it wasn’t like I was waiting for that scenario – I was waiting for Caspar. He just saw me. He sees me in a way that I’ve always wanted to be seen.”

The pair started dating in 2017. Not long after, Goulding packed up and moved to the Big Apple to live with Jopling in Soho.

In August 2018, Jopling announced that he and Goulding were engaged by sharing a photo of the singer sporting a giant ring on his Instagram.

The couple also announced their engagement in the U.K. newspaper The Times in August 2018, per People.

The announcement read, “Mr C.W.F. Jopling and Miss E.J. Goulding. The engagement is announced between Caspar, son of The Hon Nicholas Jopling of Yorkshire and Mrs Jayne Warde-Aldam of Yorkshire, and Elena, daughter of Mr Arthur Goulding of Hertfordshire and Mrs Tracey Sumner of West Midlands.”

Ellie Goulding and Caspar Jopling are currently expecting a child

A year after announcing their engagement, Goulding and Jopling tied the knot on Aug. 31, 2019, inside Castle Howard in Yorkshire. A whopping 300 people attended the couple’s big day, including A-listers Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, Karlie Kloss, Ed Sheeran, and the pair’s longtime friend Princess Eugenie.

Today, Goulding and Jopling are still happily married and are currently awaiting the arrival of their first child.

As we mentioned before, Goulding revealed to Vogue that she is pregnant and actually 30 weeks along.

While speaking with Vogue, Goulding recalled being in slight “denial” about her pregnancy at first.

“It happens really quickly, and then you almost don’t believe it at first,” she shared. “You’re still eating the same, looking the same, for a while I was probably in denial. I was in such a good streak of fitness.”

But, as her body started to change during the first trimester, Goulding accepted the fact the she was really pregnant.

“The thought of getting pregnant didn’t seem like it could be a reality. Becoming pregnant kind of made me feel human,” she said. “I want a better word than womanly, [but]—I have curves I’ve never had before. I’m enjoying it. My husband’s enjoying it.”

Congrats to the happy couple!

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