When is Mothers Day 2022? UK date revealed

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Mother’s Day is coming in March, and many will be beginning their planning and gifts for the day. But as the date changes every year, you can avoid being caught out by memorising the date nice and early in 2022.

The celebration of mum’s, grandmothers, and anyone who has a maternal bond, always falls on a Sunday.

This is because Mother’s Day used to be a religious event in Christianity – but this association has since faded.

This year, a lack of coronavirus restrictions mean parents and children will be able to meet up without breaking rules for the first time in two years.

While the day has become commercialised in the modern world, the day is still incredibly important for families in the UK.

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When is Mother’s Day 2022?

Mother’s Day will fall on Sunday, March 27 this year.

This year will be markedly different from the Mother’s Day’s of the last two years, as no coronavirus restrictions are in place.

In 2020 and 2021, the UK was in the grip of coronavirus – with last year restrictions still in place, and 2020 taking place the day before the UK went into its first lockdown on Monday, March 23.

Why does the date change every year?

The date of Mother’s Day changes every year due to Easter, which also changes every year.

This is because it used to be a Christian celebration, first originating in the 16th century.

Services were held in honour of Mary, mother of Jesus, and Christian’s would break their lent with simple cake.

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Mother’s Day always falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent – or three weeks before Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday will take place a few weeks later on Sunday, April 17.

Once the date of Easter has been worked out then the dates of Lent, Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day), Ash Wednesday and Mother’s Day can all be allocated in the calendar.

Mother’s Day has been celebrated in various forms throughout history.

The Greeks held festivals of worship every Spring to celebrate Rhea, the Mother of the Gods.

The Romans also honoured the mother goddess Cybele every March – a practice that dated back as for as 250 BC.

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