Wetherspoon announces six new cocktails – but they’re axing Long Island Iced Tea

While the weather this month may still be miserable spring is on its way.

Though we may be in for a month of rain, on March 20 winter will officially end and we can look forward to longer days and – hopefully – warmer weather.

Pub giant JD Wetherspoon are already looking ahead to the summer with their brand new range of cocktails.

The chain are introducing six brand-new cocktails.

Whether you prefer your spirits clear or enjoy a good rum – there’s something for everyone.

The Kopparberg Strawberry Delight will use the cider brand’s strawberry and lime beverage with the same flavour of gin and a splash of lemonade and lime.

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There are a whopping four Smirnoff vodka cocktails including:

  • Cranberry Breeze – made of vodka, cranberry juice, lemonade and lime.
  • Moscow Mule – with vodka, Old Jamaica Ginger Beer, lemonade and lime.
  • Mighty Boost – with vodka, Remedy kombucha, raspberry lemonade, soda and lime.
  • Rhubard Spritz – blended vodka, Dalston’s fizzy rhubarb, lemonade and lime.

There’s also a rum-based Hawaiian Pipeline Punch made from Captain Morgan’s spiced rum and Captain Morgan’s Tiki combined with Monster’d Pipeline Punch.

The new cocktails are available now and can be ordered as individual drinks or as the ever popular ’Spoons pitchers.

Prices will vary from brand-to-branch.

Unfortunately, to make space for the new cocktails on the block, three old favourites will be pulled.

These include Ultra Violet, Absolutely Cherry and super-boozy, student fave Long Island Iced Tea.

Wetherspoon have already unveiled their new food menu earlier this month.

The brand-spanking-new selection includes a white sauce-based carbonara pizza, a shiraz and mushroom beef burger and the plant-based Beyond Burger.

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There are also new Quorn nuggets, a chicken and avocado burger, vegan chocolate tart, a smaller American breakfast and new vegetarian curry.

Sadly, they’ll be axing their lamb shank, children’s hot dog, BBQ chicken topped chips and chickpea curry.

Either way, we can’t wait to try the new offerings.

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