Weekly horoscope for every sign: How the New Moon will impact your week

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The New Moon was at 8pm on the 11th of May, which means its powers are still lingering in the air. This week’s astrology will be coloured by the lunar event and its Taurus energy. It’s not too late to set intentions around the New Moon. Express.co.uk chatted to astrologer Francesca Oddie (@francescaoddieastrology on Instagram) to find out your weekly horoscope post-New Moon.


This New Moon in Taurus is in your second house of abundance Aries and it highlights questions about your worth.

Francesca said: “Venus in Gemini is speculative, keeping her options open and so whilst you have lots to consider, the priority of this New Moon is to follow this thread; what do you value in yourself? How do you attract people to you based on this? Is this quality something you are attracted to in others? Do you think this is universally valuable or particular to you?

“On reflection, you might find that you experience a change of heart. This New Moon is the ultimate time for you to address your abundance mindset, remembering that what you give is what you get.

“Set a grounded vision about what you want, describe it in detail so that all your senses relish the vision and set your dreams in motion ready for their expansion when Jupiter moves into your 12th House later this week!”


This New Moon Taurus indicates abundance on tap for you, Taurus.

Francesca said: “Your career and status in the world are at an all-time high, it could feel like a breakthrough, but could also feel like a breakdown depending on where you’re at in life.

“With your ruler now skipping through Gemini, change is on the cards and you can put some of the ideas you’ve had recently into action.

“When Mercury moves retrograde later this month there will be an opportunity to rethink your finances and reconsider your next steps.

“However, for now, this New Moon invites you to dream big, remember your exceptional worth and reach for the sky.”


Venus has recently moved into your sign which is a bonus for you, Gemini!

Francesca explained: “Your appeal is brightened and people are drawn to youthful fun.

“This New Moon is in your 12th house, in the liminal space between this life and the next and the place between waking and sleeping – so take note of your dreams and intuitions.

“Words, ideas and instincts are flowing through you like an abundant stream so much so that you’re spoilt for choice!

“However, this creative muse may not stick around forever so take notes, journal, brainstorm, make a voice recording, film yourself, write a song or paint a picture that illustrates everything you want to bring to fruition in your life. Make your treasure map.”


This New Moon is energising the part of your chart that is concerned with your friendships and networks, Cancer.

Francesca said: “Your ruler, the Moon, is in her happy place offering you an opportunity to focus on what you want to experience via your friendships.

“Consider, what does your ideal neighbourhood look like? What do you do at the weekend? What do your crew bring to you and why do you love them?

“Another question to ponder is: How entrenched are you in your beliefs?”

Mars in Cancer is approaching a tense aspect to Saturn in Aquarius, are your feelings getting in the way of your ability to build the life you want?

Francesca noted: “Ideally, your intuition can inform your decisions and set the tone for what you want to see manifest this summer! Gratitude will set the tone of your community experience.”


Whilst the focus of 2021 so far has been on your partnerships and relationships, a shift is incoming Leo!

Francesca said: “The New Moon in the career and starts sector of your chart asks you to put your crown on and take to the stage.

“Who are you and what do you want to see manifest over the next three months?

“Jupiter moves into the sector of your chart associated with investments at the end of the week and so the summer is less about love, more about work, partnerships, dedicated investment of time and how to find people in your network who will support you in overcoming any self-sabotaging tendencies.

“You are the powerhouse, even if life does feel slow at the moment, slow and steady wins the race.”


The benefit of being so meticulous, Virgo, is that you have always made a brilliant plan and at this New Moon you’re making plans for the summer!

Francesca said: “I’m talking about holidays, books to read, places to go, things to learn.
“The focus is on what you want to enjoy with the person or people you love.

“2021 is volatile, it’s the year of the last-minute decision, plan tweak and life transition.

“This New Moon is in your ninth house – the area of your chart to do with higher education, learning, travel and anything above and beyond your current sphere of existence.

“With the New Moon in Taurus, you ask yourself “what do I REALLY want to SEE happen?”

“Then, make a plan that requires effort but is fuelled by inspiration from the people you love.”


Libras – especially those born around October 10 or with planets around 21 or 22 degrees Libra – are going to really benefit from the New Moon’s energy this week.

Francesca explained: “It’s in your 8th house, the sector of sex, rebirth and other people’s money. The question is, where are you invested?

“Venus is your ruler, so when the New Moon is in Venus’ other sign some familiar questions arise about how much you value yourself because when you KNOW your WORTH, you’re more able to dive into a real connection with them.

“Keeping things easy and breezy is your forte, but sometimes it can get you in a mess because you’re so busy keeping the peace!

“At this incisive New Moon, it’s time to remember what matters to you, articulate it and then return to balance with more authenticity.

“Focus on what matters to you and set intentions around it, the big life issues wait for no one. Ask yourself the difficult questions and be sure to answer!”


Scorpio is in for an intense week since Taurus is the opposite sign of Scorpio and it’s a Taurus New Moon.

Francesca explained: “This New Moon is in your seventh house, your relationship sector and its activation is of the 2021 chop and change variety.

“Pressing issues about your home and roots have been sizzling away, peaking this week as Jupiter prepares to leave this sector of your chart.

“Questions about where you live, where you want to be and what really matters to you may have been nagging at you.

“The solution is always to follow your heart, but this New Moon could see you manifest a new style of relating to the person or people most important to you. One that allows for more freedom and fun, maybe even more old school romance?

“Either way, it’s all about the intention and tomorrow is the day to set the tone. Taking time for self-reflection to write your intentions is always worth the time.”


The Taurus New Moon falls in the section of your chart to do with health, daily routine, diet, work and pets, Sagittarius!

Francesca said: “If you decide to go and rescue a dog or cat this week, it wouldn’t be the strangest thing!

“The New Moon in Taurus amplifies changes that are fuelled by what you want to experience in your day to day life. It could also be a time to explore a new diet, health regime or job.

“2021 is a year of rapid and significant changes, it’s quite unsettled but the leaps and bounds you are making into the future are profound.

“Your ruler Jupiter changes signs on the 13th and this will boost your already brilliant intuition, shifting the focus from your busy ideas and prodding you to consider the practicalities of where you want to put down roots and settle (for the summer!)”


This New Moon is in the segment of your chart associated with fun, Capricorn!

Francesca said: “You are the work hard, play hard type so when you cut loose, they better watch out!

“What do you want to do? What are you working so hard for? What matters to you?

“Perhaps your work is your one true love, but at this New Moon, it’s time to think about your creative projects or perhaps your children and consider what you want for them.

“Venus the ruler of the New Moon is in Gemini and she’s offering versatility, the solution doesn’t have to be singular!

“This is an epic New Moon for putting down the plans of how you can turn your side hustle into your blow-your-socks-off business.”


Change, change and more change is in store this week, Aquarius!

Francesca asked: “How is 2021 suiting you? Jupiter is leaving your sign on the 13th and leaving you with the taskmaster Saturn.

“Are you friends with him? With your two rulers battling it out all year, it’s for you to consider the two contradictory sides of your personality – do you conform, or do you rebel?

“Another question I have for you is this; in your rebellion are you actually following a trend… and conforming or are you thinking for yourself?

“This New Moon in Taurus invites you to get up close and personal with your values and what matters to you.”

Francesca advised: “Consider where you want to live, what brings you security and what can you release back into the wild?

“You are the ultimate minimalist and understand that less is more. Time for another prune, that way you can make space to manifest what is truly yours.”


The Taurus New Moon is another lovely lunation for Pisces, according to Francesca.

She said: “You are on the brink of something brilliant as Jupiter moves into your sign on the 13th.

“Most of you will have to wait until 2022 for the full magic to settle, but there’s already a sprinkling this summer and we are all hoping to drink from the cup of Pisces romance and bliss!

“This New Moon is in your third house, the sector of your chart associated with how you communicate.

“What do you say? How do you express yourself? This is an opportunity to set intentions about how you want to be heard.

“Do you want to be taken seriously? Do you want the freedom to say what you want without being influenced by everyone else? Do you want to escape the noise and read?

“Whatever it is, it’s your time to envision how you communicate and reap what you sow.”

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