Vokey Design Releases Limited Edition 64° Wedge Inspired by Jimmy Walker

Bob Vokey and Vokey Tour Rep Aaron Dill have just joined forces with Titleist brand ambassador Jimmy Walker to develop a special edition of the Vokey WedgeWorks 64W wedge.

This golf club was made for players that are looking for a wedge that can get them out of tricky short-sided lies and elevated greens. Also made for those that like seeing the ball elevate quickly, the Vokey 64W features a W Grind, an effective bounce of 4°, spin-milled grooves, SM8 technology, and an ultra-durable diamond-like coating (DLC).

As Aaron Dill puts it: “In late 2019, I received a call from Jimmy Walker curious about a 64° wedge. Jimmy asked me to make something new that felt lower bounce, faster through the turf, and had more of a skid and slide feeling on the bottom. I went to work on this making a smoother sole with no grind lines and reduced the bounce. Jimmy texted me and said ‘This wedge is a joke.’ He loved it and said it was in the bag.”

Priced at $250 USD, those interested can head over to Vokey WedgeWorks to customize one now.
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