US to be blasted by coast-to-coast storm that will bring 2ft of snow to Midwest and drench Northeast on NYE

A COLD Arctic snap is going to ring in the new year for the East Coast as two winter storms are forecasted to drench the Northeast with rain and almost two feet of snow on Friday.

Just days after the Northeast was pummeled with over a foot of snow, a new storm will rage across the country, bringing with it heavy rains and snow from California to New York.

The storm is set to bring heavy rains and mountain snow to California, heavy and freezing rains to the Midwest, and rain that will turn to snow from Chicago to New York.

The huge storm is scheduled to begin with heavy rains and gusty winds in California on Sunday night, but will soon turn to sleet and snow for the Midwest by Tuesday and Wednesday.

By Thursday, New Year's Eve, the storm is set to land inn Boston and New York City, bringing with it sharp winds and rain that will rain on anyone's outdoor parade.

The same storm will bring sharp wind gusts and possible sleet and ice mixes to the south, including Memphis, New Orleans, Dallas, and St. Louis.

This weekend, the Northeast was hit with heavy rains and record snowfall, with a record of 18.4 inches of snow falling in Buffalo on Saturday.

Another 14 inches fell in western Pennsylvania, as well as 13.5 inches fell in Cleveland. Thousands across the states lost power just days after the Christmas holiday and as the country prepares to enter the new year.

The National Weather Service has since sent regionally-specific alerts urging people to stay off wintry roads as there could be accumulations of over one foot of snow in a relatively short amount of time.

Travel problems will likely become an issue in the midwest as a mix of freezing rain would likely turn to an ice accumulation of 0.25 to 0.75 inches, which is enough to force many cars off the road.

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