UNDERCOVER Redefines Japanese Tea Ceremony in Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

Jun Takahashi recently unveiled his latest collection for UNDERCOVER‘s Spring/Summer 2022 installment. Centering upon the concepts of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, Takahashi opted for designs that are not “excessively decorative, but deeply rooted in everyday life,” as per a statement.

For the collection, the seminal Japanese designer incorporated elements from old forms of dress with a contemporary twist such as robe-coats and geta-revamped flip flops. Other garments include flowy yet boxy bucket hats, fisherman coats in transparent materials, utility vests, and tailored options that are loose and relaxed to evoke the tranquility surrounding a Japanese tea ceremony.

“For this collection, I worked in a great environment: a brand new studio located in a mountain where I can walk down to the beach [and] cherish the ordinary,” said the Takashashi.

Check out select styles from UNDERCOVER‘s Spring/Summer 2022 collection above.

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