UK landlords praised for telling tenants not to worry about rent

Comedian is left ‘sobbing’ after text from her landlord to insist she won’t lose her home if she struggles to pay the rent amid the coronavirus pandemic

  • UK landlords told tenants not to worry about rent during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Comes as British Chambers of commerce said virus could weaken economy 
  • Many people no longer work or were asked to work from home due to outbreak 
  • Some have called landlords for a rent freeze in the wake of the pandemic
  • Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

A woman has revealed how she was left in tears when she received a message from her landlord to reassure her that she won’t have to worry about rent in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. 

Comedian Amy Gledhill from Edinburgh took to Twitter to reveal that her landlord, Chris, had sent her a message saying that they could ‘work something out’ if her circumstances change. 

It prompted a flood of praise from commenters, who said that everyone should ‘be more like Landlord Chris’.   

As the UK reaches 1,543 confirmed cases and 55 deaths, the British Chambers of Commerce have warned that coronavirus will further weaken the British economy, as more and more people are left unable to attend work.

A landlord from Edinburgh and another from New Mexico were praised online after they reached out to their tenants assuring them they would not have to worry about rent during the coronavirus pandemic (pictured: a happy tenant, stock picture) 

Explaining the message, Amy wrote on Twitter: ‘My landlord just text me this and I’m sobbing. 

‘LANDLORDS, TAKE NOTE. If you’re in a position to say this to someone, please do. When we can’t rely on the government, we’ve got to help each other..

The message from Chris read: ‘I wanted to let you know what whatever happens with your work I want you to feel secure in the house,’ it read. 

‘We can work something out if your circumstances change and I hope you know we’re approachable. 

‘We’re living in a crazy time so take care of yourself and your family,’ it concluded. 

Around the globe, other landlords have extended a hand to their tenants during the pandemic. 

A landlord from Edinburgh named Chris  reassured his landlord Amy that she did not have to worry about rent for now 

Another tenant from New Mexico shared an email they had received, which read: ‘Dear tenants, with the epidemic closing down commerce so suddenly, we realize that some of you who rely on private sector jobs may lose income that you depend on to pay your rent. 

‘If that is happening to any of you, please don’t hesitate to call us,’ it added. 

‘We can talk about your situation and make temporary adjustments to keep you in your apartment during the crisis,’ it concluded. 

People applauded the landlord’s decision to be compassionate towards their tenants during the pandemic 

People applauded these compassionate landlords online:’ 

‘Chris Landlord is a b***** decent human being. Be like Chris Landlord,’ one wrote. 

‘I have tenants too…. any decent human being would do the same,’ said another tenant.  

Renters living on precarious jobs in service industries such as restaurants or pubs are worried they might lose their jobs due to low demand.    

So far, no official measures have been taken to alleviate the stress of renting in the scenario where people would lose their jobs because of the outbreak. 

However, experts have advised landlords to be compassionate of their tenants in these uncertain times.  

Another landlord located in New Mexico sent a similar message to its tenants, saying they would work out specific arrangements if needed to insure everyone kept their apartments 

Some companies have already been forced to close their doors in the wake of the outbreak. 

Yesterday, Vauxhall announced it was closing its two UK factories employing 2,560 staff after the vehicle manufacturer PSA Group, of which Vauxhall is a part of, announced the closure of all its European plants until March 27. 

PSA Group said in a statement: ‘Due to the acceleration observed in recent days of serious Covid-19 cases close to certain production sites, supply disruptions from major suppliers, as well as the sudden decline in the automobile markets, the chairman of the executive board with the members of the crisis unit decided the principle of the closure of the vehicle production sites.’ 

The Vauxhall factories, located in Ellesmere Port and Luton, leave 2,560 without a job. 

Last week, the World Travel and Tourism Council warned that 50 million people could lose their jobs globally due to the pandemic. 

The Prime Minister (pictured) advised against going out in restaurants, pubs and theatres during a press conference yesterday, as a way to slow the spread of the coronavirus 

The British Chambers of Commerce have estimated that the pandemic would further weaken the British economy. 

Adam Marshall, the director General of the British Chambers of Commerce  said in a statement: ‘Coronavirus could further weaken an already stagnant UK economy, as many businesses are starting to report an impact on their cashflow and growth prospects.’

‘The Chancellor and the Bank of England have responded to the immediate challenge with measures to help firms hit by Coronavirus, and they must now ensure this support gets to businesses as quickly as possible,’ he added. 

‘More will need to be done later in the year to boost business confidence and tackle prolonged economic stagnation.

‘Securing new trading arrangements, taking real action to reduce the high upfront costs of doing business and putting spades in the ground on long-overdue infrastructure projects must be prioritised in order to secure our long-term economic prospects.’

During a press conference yesterday, Prime Minister announced people should stop socialising, work from home, avoid travelling and that entire households should quarantine if one family members falls ill.




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