Ugly shipping containers transformed into luxurious dream houses

Ship shape! Amazing pictures show ugly shipping containers transformed into luxurious dream homes – complete with balconies, swimming pools and rooftop decks

  • Giant metal shipping containers have been transformed into stunning homes around the world 
  • Bored Panda has selected some of the best homes, including a multi-storey villa in Bali 
  • Luxury properties come with balconies, rooftop decks and a hammock swing
  • One graffiti-covered container has been converted into a cosy, winter wonderland cabin in upstate New York 

Giant metal shipping containers may look ugly on the outside to most, but some ambitious and creative types have spotted the potential to create a low-cost luxury property.

Compiled in a gallery by Bored Panda, pictures show how old metal containers have been transformed into stunning homes complete with balconies, rooftop decks and a hammock swinging in the front yard.

One graffiti-covered container has been converted into a cosy, winter wonderland cabin in upstate New York, while in Bali stacked containers have been made into a multi-storey villa with a swimming pool.

Here, FEMAIL explores some of the most amazing transformations…

Three-storey shipping containers in Costa Rica may look like a junk yard before, but one ambitious homeowner saw potential for a low-price luxury property surrounded by nature and multiple balconies overlooking the canopy 

In Michigan, these seven shipping containers, originally used for transporting cargo, were transformed into a charming house decorated with a wooden facade and sold for $429,900 

This graffiti-covered container has been converted into a cosy, winter wonderland cabin with fairy lights in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York

A number of stacked shipping containers were transformed into a luxury two-bed villa with floor to ceiling glass windows to let in as much natural light as possible and a swimming pool in the front yard in Bingin, Bali

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Before and after pictures show how these metal containers were renovated into a stunning home in Brazil complete with multiple balconies and a hammock swing

This 2,000-square-foot home in Alberta, Canada was made out of six shipping containers and comes with a spacious roof deck and wooden facade

This eco-friendly build in Brazil was named Casa Suspensa or The Hanging House because it was built above ground level, and 80% of the construction materials used were recycled

A luxury ‘pocket house’ in Belo Horizonte, Brazil was built inside a single container measuring just 320 square feet and features a glass-window facade and a timber rooftop deck

A large covered deck was added to this single shipping container home, making it the perfect spot to host summer barbecue 

This two-storey shipping container home in Peru comes complete with a suspended bedroom and an outdoor living and dining area 

A shipping container house with exposed red steel facade in Hudson, New York is polished up into a unique home with diagonal windows

A geometric apartment block of stacked, white shipping containers looks wonderfully aesthetic with pink blossoms growing on the balconies

This black shipping freight was renovated into a cosy AirBnb in Logan, Ohio which comes complete with a hot-tub for guests

The blue exposed metal of these containers was covered up and made into a natural green oasis with a large garage

Twelve shipping containers were joined together to make a spacious metal mansion in Ohaupo, New Zealand

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