TV for Friday, March 13

Better Homes and GardensCredit:



6.30pm, Seven

Seafood is the order of the day on this cheery magazine show, with Karen barbecuing calamari and Ed heading to Mandurah in WA for the town’s Crab Fest. Meanwhile, Adam embraces the tiny living craze with a chair that turns into a table and back again. And Dr Harry checks in with the Bateman’s Bay community in NSW to see how the locals and their pets are faring after the bushfires.

Little J and Big CuzCredit:



7.30pm, NITV

The late Ningali Lawford-Wolf’s voice can be heard as the wise and funny Nanna in this delightfully simple cartoon that teaches children about Aboriginal culture. An Outback palette colours everything in the world of Little J (Miranda Tapsell) and her Big Cuz (Deborah Mailman), where every day is a learning adventure. In this episode, they grasp the concept of death, as they send off their friend, old magpie Swooper.

Actor and martial arts expert Jackie Chan.Credit:Eric Gaillard


Movies ★★★½

7.30pm, 9Go!

It’s a sign of how much international relations have shifted in a decade that Jackie Chan (pictured), stars in this 2010 action comedy as an undercover CIA agent borrowed from Chinese Intelligence, the two nations in league against a common enemy, the Ruskies. The children in the cast bring a family friendly vibe, and Chan does a wry caricature of his martial arts hero. The stunts are more often slapstick than pure fighting. Billy Ray Cyrus and Amber Valetta also appear.

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