Too Hot To Handle contestant Francesca raking in more than £13k on Instagram – but who earns the least?

Netflix's Too Hot To Handle was filmed over a year ago, with the contestants only now experiencing fame after it was released on the streaming giant last month.

As millions binge-watched the reality dating competition – where contestants were banned from having any form of sex – the singletons who battled for the $100,000 (£80,000) cash prize are now seeing the fruits of their labour, especially after not being paid a fee to appear.

Of course with stars like Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey being stand outs, often losing thousands of the prize fund, they're seeing the biggest rewards on Instagram and are said to be earning between £10,000 to £13,000 per post.

The swimsuit model and travel influencer Francesca, 26, who has 2.7m followers, had already spoke of her earning potential on Instagram during the dating show, and is said to earn £13,667 per sponsored post.

Her Australian boyfriend Harry, 23, who followed Francesca back to Vancouver, has racked up 2.4m followers and is believed to earn around £10,700 for anything sponsored he could post.

Harry and Francesca couldn't keep their hands off each other while filming the first series of the show, often deducting thousands of dollars from the prize pot.

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On their first day of meeting the pair shared a kiss, which cost them nearly £2,500, an act they continually repeated throughout the show.

They also couldn't refrain from having sex in secret behind digital host Lana's back, which deducted another £16,000 from the bank.

However they were able to win it all back at the end with the entire cast going on to share £7,500 each as group winners.

Other memorable contestants like Essex girl Chloe Veitch and British personal trainer David Birtwistle have fewer followers so have a lower earning potential.

Chloe, who said taking part in Too Hot To Handle was like "sexual rehabilitation", has one million followers and according to the research conducted by Mazuma reveals she could rake in around £4,487 per post.

For David, who has 813,000 followers, he has the potential to earn £3,355 if he was to do any sponsored posting.

America Rhonda Paul who split from her co-star Sharron Townsend and is now dating someone else, knows her own earning potential after taking to Instagram to ask if any brands wanted to work with her.

The single mum has 846,000 followers and could earn £3,630 per post, whereas her ex-boyfriend Sharron comes in at £2,391 per post.

Bryce Hirschberg, who was a late addition to the Mexican villa the cast stayed in, told Metro that in fact they were not paid anything to take part in the show. He comes in last with earning potential of £1,061.

The American, who lives on a boat, said he would never turn down a free holiday and was promised exposure by Netflix after the show had aired.

"The way they pitched it was 'Oh Bryce, you’re going to make a ton of money after this anyway. You’re going to get a ton of exposure'."

"And I’m not really going on it for the money anyway. I’m going for the experience and I know that exposure will come through as well which is nice. It’s a luxury vacation with hot singles… on Netflix. That’s easy money. And a five-star chef. I never ate that good in my life… or since! They looked after us."

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