TikTok star claims Disney World issued him a lifetime ban

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Controversial TikTok star and resident Disney fanatic Jason Jeter claims that he has been permanently banned from Disney World for trespassing.

The social media influencer, who is best known online as Jete and @showmelovejete, said in a new TikTok that Disney security circled his car while he was parked outside the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.

Jeter said that he was at the Disney World hotel to get some food. The influencer alleged that he was a former employee of the iconic theme park but was fired in March. He was allegedly let go from the company after posting TikTok videos of himself drinking from their intricate fountains and entering a Disney wedding venue that was closed off.

Reps for Disney World have not responded to The Post’s request for comment on Jeter’s claims.

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“The worst happened,” Jeter said, in his video. “As soon as I get out of the car, Orange County Police Department pulls up. [They said] ‘Hi, Jason Jeter, we have a trespass warning for you from Disney. You’re no longer allowed on the property.’”

He added that four Disney employees, including a security guard, two people wearing suits and a “Disney investigator” came up him and explained why he was banned.

“Then they’re like, hey, also, just to add insult to injury, ‘It’s a lifetime ban,’” Jeter continued. “I can never go back to Disney — ever.” He then showed a clip of a car following him as he was leaving the resort.

In a TikTok the jokester posted back on March 13, he showed himself walking through Disney’s wedding venue at the Grand Floridian Resort without the help of employees.

“I did not know they just leave the doors open like this?” Jeter asked in his video.

“Why would you leave this wide open, Disney? For me? Thanks. I appreciate it.”

Jeter shared another snap at the Disney Springs shopping center where he taped himself drinking then spitting out water from five decorative fountains.

In another TikTok posted on March 18, Jeter admitted that his manager received an email from the Walt Disney Company execs who didn’t “appreciate” his videos. The emails relayed to Jeter also allegedly said that he wouldn’t be “allowed backstage” anymore.

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