The Sussex's Royal Exit Could Affect Prince William and Kate Middleton's Family Plans

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made waves around the worldwhen they abruptly announced in early 2020 that they would “stepback” as senior royals. Since then, the logistics have caused the two toleave the family entirely. But there is still a lot to work out with their departure.

Having two fewer working royals means that the royals will either have to cut back on the number of engagements they have or shift Harry and Meghan’s load to other royals. And with Prince William and Kate Middleton reportedly considering another pregnancy, Harry and Meghan’s exit could put their family plans on hold.

William and Kate have seemingly stepped up their royal duties since January

When news broke that Meghan and Harry were leaving thefamily, it came as a surprise to everyone. And rumor has it that William and Katewere unaware of the couple’s departure prior to the announcement, too. But whenthe news broke, the Cambridges didn’t bat an eye. They continued their royal dutiesas planned and, if anything, it appears they’ve stepped things up.

William and Kate’s Instagram account became even more active once they learned of Harry and Meghan’s departure. It was almost as if the two were picking up the slack. And those close to the royals said that, while William is “sad” about Harry’s departure, the two are ready to step into the spotlight even more.

European bookies just revealed the odds are high that William and Kate will have another baby

Ever since Kate gave birth to Prince Louis, the couple’s third child, people have questioned whether the two would have a fourth baby. Though neither Kate nor William has confirmed, the consensus has been that they will eventually announce a pregnancy.

Now that 2020 is in full swing, Express reports that bookies think the odds are higher than ever that the Cambridges will expand their family. Kate recently appeared on the podcast “Happy Mum, Happy Baby” to discuss life as a mother of three, and though she did not discuss having a fourth child, people are still confident that she and William will welcome one more child before ultimately deciding to stop growing their family.

Meghan and Harry’s exit could cause the couple’s family plans to be put on hold   

Though the public evidently seems confident in William and Kate having a fourth baby, it doesn’t seem that it would fit into the royal agenda these days. With Meghan and Harry stepping down, there is more pressure than ever on William and Kate to carry the royal family into its next generation. And focusing more on royal life might mean putting their family plans on hold.

If William and Kate do take on more royal duties, their lives might simply become too busy to properly care for a fourth child. They might be relieved that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are starting to get old enough to have a bit more independence (such as going to school every day.) But time will tell if they do decide to welcome another baby.

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