The Streets Takes a Choppy Stroll in New 'I Wish You Loved You as Much as You Love Him' Video

The Streets takes a disjointed, green screen-assisted trek around the neighborhood in the new video for his track with Donae’O and Greentea Peng, “I Wish You Loved You as Much as You Love Him.”

Mike Skinner — the mastermind behind the Streets — crafted the video while in quarantine, noting in a statement, “This video took me six weeks to make! I learned a new skill on this lockdown.” The video finds the Streets superimposing video of himself, Donae’O and Greentea Peng performing the song in familiar scenes (homes, parks, storefronts); the aesthetic bears a distinctly choppy and collage-like feel. Adding to the immediacy of the clip, the Streets peppers the video with references to recent Black Lives Matter protests and various internet memes.

“I Wish You Loved You as Much as You Loved Him” will appear on the Streets’ upcoming mixtape, None of Us Are Getting Out of This Life Alive, out July 10th via Island Records. The project marks his first since his 2011 album, Computers and Blues.

“I Wish You Loved You” is the second offering off None of Us Are Getting Out of This Life Alive following “Call My Phone Thinking I’m Doing Nothing Better,” which features Tame Impala. Last month, the Streets dropped a one-off single that won’t appear on the mixtape, “Where the F*&K Did April Go,” in which he captured the way time no longer seems to function during the COVID-19 crisis.

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