The Real Reason Malika Haqq Decided to Reveal O.T. Genasis as the Father of Her Child

When Malika Haqq first announced that she was expecting her first child, she made no mention of who her baby’s father was.

While many fans speculated that Haqq was welcoming her child with her on-and-off-again ex-boyfriend, O.T. Genasis, the reality star remained mum on whether or not this was true.

However, after months of remaining tight-lipped, Haqq recently revealed that the rapper is the father of her son.

So why did she keep this information hidden until now, and what made her finally decide to reveal that Genasis is the father of her child?

Haqq made the announcement during her baby shower

When Haqq first announced that she was pregnant in September 2019, many people quickly began to speculate who she was having her child with.

Seeing as though she failed to mention the identity of her baby’s father, fans immediately got to work to try and figure out who Khloé Kardashian’s BFF would be sharing her little bundle of joy with.

As questions surrounding Haqq’s baby father continued to circulate, fans were almost sure the model was welcoming her child with O.T. Genasis (real name Odis Flores), who she dated from 2017-2019.

Though she kept the identity of her child’s father a secret for the majority of her pregnancy, Haqq finally let the cat out of the bag during her lavish, teddy bear themed baby shower.

On Feb. 12, the reality star revealed on Instagram that the rapper is, in fact, her baby’s father while she gushed about how great he’s been throughout her pregnancy and even thanked him for gifting her with her biggest blessing.

“Relationships don’t always work out the way we would hope but between love & friendship we have created a baby boy that will be here very soon,” she captioned a photo of them posing together. “I’ve been single the last 8months but I am in no way alone. OT and I have attended every doctors apt and over all loved on our son together while anticipating his arrival. My priority over the past few months has been to nurture and protect my unborn child. Our baby would not be who he is without his father and I thank God for the spirit that grows inside of me. Only thing that matters, we are Baby Flores parents.”

Haqq now feels a weight has been lifted off of her shoulders

Though there are probably a ton of reasons why Haqq initially decided to keep the identity of her unborn baby’s father a secret, many can’t help but question why she chose to reveal this news now?

According to Hollywood Life, the model felt ready to make this announcement because she wanted to end the ongoing speculation from fans on social media.

“Malika is really happy she made the decision to reveal to everyone that Odis is the father of her baby,” a source said. “It just makes things easier all around, because she no longer feels the need to hide any aspect of her pregnancy. It takes a big weight off her shoulders.”

Though Haqq and Genasis remain broken up, the pair have been maintaining a close friendship and are looking forward to co-parenting their son.

“Malika’s thrilled that her ex wanted to step up to the plate and be a dad, but she was fine either way. With or without him, she feels incredibly blessed and totally ready to be a mom,” the source continued.

Even if Genasis wasn’t around, Haqq would still have all of the support she needs from family, friends and, of course, Kardashian!

“Khloe’s right there [with Malika] every step of the way,” the source added. “She’s so thoughtful and sweet. She sends [Malika] flowers and sweet little gifts, like her favorite cookies.”

We’re so happy to hear that Haqq and Genasis plan to work together to raise their son and can’t wait to finally be introduced to Baby Flores!

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