The meaning behind Chanel West Coast’s inspiring message

If the current state of the world has got you feeling a little low, rapper Chanel West Coast has a message for you: work hard, love hard, and be grateful. On April 28, 2020, the former Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood star and hip-hop artist posted a few words of wisdom for her fans (and possibly her haters — more on that later) which reflected both the work ethic of the famously ambition-driven performer and a general sentiment of support for those who need it.

“If you sit back and watch others work, work won’t come to you,” West Coast wrote on her Instagram Story (via InTouch Weekly). “If you sit back and hate on others, love won’t come to you. If you sit around complaining, no solutions will come your way. It takes working, loving and being grateful for what you already have to be happy and successful. Work hard. Love hard. Be grateful. Your life is what YOU make it.”

“Oh, and I forgot to mention, if you try to hold others back, you will only hold yourself back. Show support where it’s due and you will receive the same support,” the rapper added.

Chanel West Coast's inspiring messages come from a real place

The rapper sharing such messages on her social media accounts is fitting, especially considering her particular take on those who hold her back. In the past, Chanel West Coast has been notoriously blasé about her online haters, going as far as to say that the negativity internet trolls throw her way only “fuel[s] her drive” to succeed.

If anything, it’s those who hold her back — rather than her fans — who inspire CWC to work her hardest. In an interview with InTouch Weekly in March 2020, West Coast explained that her success as a rapper is more or less in debt to her ambition to prove her naysayers wrong. “I dedicate my perseverance and ambition to my haters,” the Ridiculousness host told the outlet, adding, “as much as I love my fans and I dedicate so much to them as well it’s really the hate that makes you go, ‘I’m going to prove you wrong.'”

Now, more than ever, we need messages of hope, confidence, and self-empowerment like those Chanel West Coast is sending out into the world.

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