The Doctors Give Their Clinical Opinion on Stephanie Matto's Fart Customers (Exclusive)

Dr. Ish Major defended those who used the jarred flatulence for sexual gratification.

The Doctors think they know why you bought one of Stephanie Matto’s farts — and it’s okay.

On Monday’s episode of the Emmy-winning show, Doctors Andrew Ordon and Ish Major gave their professional medical insight into the pungent niche the 90 Day Fiancé cheese-carved for herself, and very lucratively so.

The 31-year-old made global headlines — along with a not-to-be-sniffed-at $200k — over the Holiday season by selling and shipping her butt burps in little 9oz jars.

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During the show, host Dr Ordon asked the question we’ve all been wondering, and struggled to keep a straight face while doing so:

“What drives a someone to want to spend that kind of money — clearly a fetish — to smell this lovely lady’s flatulence?”

Dr Major believes he knows:

“Well clearly, clearly it’s a fetish. Which is a very, very strong drive,” he replied. “In this case it’s a body function fetish, specifically it’s a fart fetish.”

“Now, a fetish means that you’ve got a specific body part, a specific body function or object, that just really turns you on, and you like to incorporate that into your sex life.”

So there you have it: jars of farts — “jarts”, if you will — are used for sexual gratification, according to Dr. Major. But before you go judging, he had this to say:

“Now as a reminder, before we go thinking that this is outrageous: sex is the single strongest drive we have as humans. So if that is something you need to reach sexual gratification, the thousand bucks that Stephanie was charging per jar? — can seem like a bargain.”

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Elsewhere in the episode, Stephanie explained how she managed supply and demand, and generate “constant production so you could fill your quota and meet sales,” as Dr Ordon put it:

“Protein shakes,” Stephanie matter-of-factly replied. “Goes down pretty easy, you don’t have to eat a ton of food and bulk up.” It also helped that one of her favorite foods is black bean soup.

“Well that’s an old standby to produce gas,” Dr. Ordon confirmed, adding the protein breakdown offered the additional bonus of “mote pungent aromas.”

Sadly, while business was booming, so was Stephanie’s heart (or so she thought): after being rushed to hospital during a heart attack scare, doctors eventually told her the severe pain she was suffering was caused by her new gas-centric diet… which ultimately led to her early retirement from her fart-up start-up.

However, she told The Doctor’s on Monday she might have “one or two” left in her for some final custom orders, after receiving final requests from devastated loyal clients:

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