The best sofas to buy for small spaces and flats

Choosing a sofa is a big decision.

It’s often the focal point of your living space, the first thing people notice about your room, and where you spend a large chunk of your free time.

So, you want it to look good, feel amazing, and last as long as possible – because sofas are not cheap. But for many people who live in smaller homes and flats, there’s also the issue of sizing.

Even if the dimensions of a sofa fit your room, that doesn’t mean it’s going to fit through the doorway. Lots of smaller properties in heavily populated cities have narrow corridors and door frames, meaning your dream sofa might never make it over the threshold.

So, if you want to avoid a stressful ‘pivot’ situation – a-la Ross from Friends – then it’s probably wise to start looking for smaller sofas, or sofas that come flat in a box.

With the aim of taking the hassle out of sofa buying and delivery, these smaller and cleverly packaged options can help you get the perfect look without having to worry about the size.

Swyft Sofa in a Box

Delivered the next day, Swyft sofas fit through any doorway and up any staircase – because they come in a box. As the name suggests.

They’re also super quick and simple to assemble – you don’t even need any tools.

The sofas come in four models, including sofa bed options, and there’s a matching fabric stool to complete the look.

The Model 02 Velvet 3 Seat Sofa costs £1,195.


These high-quality, comfy sofas can be assembled from the box in minutes – no tools required.

And just by looking at the pics, you can tell they are going to feel amazing. Don’t you just want to sink into them?

They’re stain-resistant, with strong legs and sturdy springs to help them keep their shape. There are also corner sofa options and buildable designs to create the perfect look for your space.

The two-seater Rebel sofa costs £949.

Tips for buying a sofa for a small space

Think about your space

When buying a small sofa for your living room, bedroom, hallway or kitchen it’s important to start the process by thinking about the space.

Try to work out where a sofa would best fit in the room and how it would affect the layout and usability of the space.

Measure, measure and measure again

If there’s one golden rule for buying a sofa for a small space, it’s measure, measure and then measure again. This is incredibly important when working with limited spaces as even small margins of error can have big consequences.

Create the illusion of space

Selecting the right small sofa for your home can actually help to make it feel bigger. Designs that are raised off of the floor by short legs look lighter and less bulky than other sofa options.

As well as creating an illusion of space, having a sofa that’s raised slightly off the floor makes it easier to keep your home clean. Alternatively, you can use your under-sofa area as a handy bit of extra storage space.

Making an entrance

It’s also important to consider how you’re going to get your new sofa into your house or flat. Large, fully formed sofas can be hard to manoeuvre.

As our sofas come in small, light, easy to handle boxes, they’re ideal for people who live above the ground floor or whose front doors are a little on the narrow side.



If you don’t want a flat-packed sofa, you can choose a smaller-sized design.

The luxury velvet three-seater at Homescapes measures 175 W x 83 D x 76 H cm when set up as a sofa, extending to 97 cm wide as a bed – which means it would fit through most doorways.

Delivery is also quick, you can have your new sofa in under a week. The quick transition to a sofa bed means it’s also a way to really make the most out of your space.

The Bower Velvet Sofa Bed costs £179.99.

Cult Furniture

Cult Furniture offers a range of sofas that are great for small spaces as they come flat-packed in a box – and can turn into a bed to maximise your space.

The Express Sofa range can all be delivered to your home within 14 days, so you won’t have to wait an age to get your living room up to scratch.

The sofas come in on-trend jewel tones, with velvet upholstering for an added touch of luxe.

The Nancy teal velvet three-seater costs £479.


All JYSK sofas are delivered in large boxes, in a flat pack format. There’s also a handy service on their website where consumers are able to view how an item will arrive – and how many pieces it will be in before making a purchase.

This is particularly great for customer with smaller and unusual shaped doorways.

The sofas themselves are more affordable than some of the more popular brands, and they come in modern, stylish designs, in versatile grey and neutral tones.

The GEDVED two-seater in grey costs £329.99.

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