The best realistic fake plants to buy if you keep killing your real ones

MPA Goods, artificial Fern hanging plant, £18.99

Garners Garden Seller, Howea forsteriana, £44.99

MeHomeCo, Palmetto Palm, £24.99

whyshare, Eucalyptus hanging bush, £14.99

M&S, artificial Boston Fern planter with stand, £19.50

M&S, floor standing artificial tropical plant, £49.50

The Seasonal Aisle, Elephant Ear plant, £67.99

The Seasonal Aisle, floor Heliconia plant in pot, £129.99

The Seasonal Aisle, floor Dasheen plant in pot, £72.99

The Seasonal Aisle, artificial Ficus plant in pot, £21.99

Blooming Artificial, Licuala Palm, £149

Just Artificial, silk Bird of Paradise plant, £97.90

Blooming Artificial, Aloe Vera, £12

Blooming Artificial, Dracaena Marginata, £48

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