The best alcohol-free drinks for St Patrick's Day

Going booze-free on St Patrick’s Day? The best non-alcoholic tipples to help you celebrate this March 17 without risking a hangover

Is it possible to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in style without having a painful hangover the next day? Thankfully, the answer is a firm yes with some delicious non-alcoholic beers, wines and spirits available.

You won’t have to compromise on taste either as we’ve found some delicious drinks that taste like they’re for grown-ups only and yet don’t contain anything that will make you intoxicated.

Whether you love a pint of creamy Guinness or prefer sipping on a spirit with tonic, these tipples will mean you don’t miss out just because you’re making healthier choices.

Seedlip Spice 94 Non-Alcoholic Spirit 700ml, now £21.99 (save £5.96)

Wave goodbye to sugary fizzy drinks and sickly fruit juices, and enjoy a splash of Seedlip Spice 94 with tonic water for a grown-up drink that will remind you of gin and tonic.

Each Seedlip Spirit is made from six carefully selected botanicals and spices, sourced from around the world and distilled in copper pot stills like gin. The aromatic blend in Seedlip Spice 94 is made with allspice berries, cardamom, grapefruit peel, lemon peel, American oak and cascarilla bark so it has an intriguingly complex taste. It’s something to be savoured.

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If you like Guinness but don’t enjoy the way it makes you feel the following day, Nirvana Brewery’s deep and rich stout could be your perfect tipple as it has a similar taste with no alcohol and fewer calories.

Like Guinness, it’s dark and rich with a chocolatey aroma and hints of vanilla, and the sweetness is balanced out by a toasted malt base. It’s super smooth to drink. Plus, there are only 100 calories per bottle which is less than half than the calories found in a pint of Guinness.

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Fortum and Mason Sparkling BLA Tea, £16.95

A lovely alternative to Champagne or Prosecco, sparkling tea is a new innovative drinks category, developed by the Danish award winning sommelier Jacob Kocemba.

The BLA blend is based on 13 teas including jasmine, white, and darjeeling. Honeysuckle, citrus and tropical fruit lead into an expansive and refreshing palate of jasmine and white flowers, with delicate white tea and green apple fruit on the clean, fresh finish. It’s light and satisfyingly fizzy on the tongue, which makes it a real party drink. You’d never guess that it’s alcohol-free.

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Ginsin Strawberry 0.0% Non-Alcoholic Spirit 700ml, £13.99

The Ginsin strawberry non-alcoholic spirit is very similar to pink gin, except you can drink as much of it as you like and still be fine to drive and make good decisions.

A 700ml bottle will give you 14 servings of 50ml, which you can mix with tonic water over ice and garnish with strawberry and lemon slices. It looks stylish in a glass so you won’t draw attention to yourself for being the one who’s not drinking alcohol and it’s really refreshing so will keep you hydrated for a night dancing to classic Irish tunes.

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Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic American Malt, £20.95

Are you partial to Jack Daniel’s? If so, you’ll love this non-alcoholic spirit from Australian distillers Lyre’s. The brand is named after the lyrebird, which is renowned for being able to mimic the calls of other birds. In the same way, Lyre’s makes tasty drinks that taste like their alcoholic counterparts but with a 0% ABV. 

The American Malt is made in the style of bourbon and when served with Coca-Cola, you’d find it difficult to tell it apart from the alcoholic variety. You could also serve it in cocktails such Old Fashioneds or Boulevardiers.

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Morouj Cabernet Sauvignon Alcohol Free Wine, £8.99

The Morouj Cabernet Sauvignon alcohol-free red wine is a grown-up drink that definitely looks like wine, smells like it and tastes smoother and richer than other zero-alcohol wines. 

This is partly because it’s made in the same way as wine by being carefully aged in oak barrels to preserve the natural aromas and character of the grapes.

Full in flavour, you’ll experience fruity notes of cherry, prune, and blackcurrant with a dash of mint. This Spanish-French blend is tastier than some regular wines and it won’t stain your teeth or cause a hangover.

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Smashed Lager Case of 12 Bottles, £22.49

Enjoy Rock’n’Roll without feeling rough the next day with Drynks Unlimited’s alcohol-free lager brewed to a recipe created by Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson.

Using a technique called cool vacuum distillation, they remove the alcohol after fermentation so that most of the real lager taste is preserved.

You’ll find it’s a refreshing pale gold lager beer with a clean taste. It’s perfectly balanced with hints of barley and malt, complex aromatic floral notes and a mild hoppy bitterness. It’s surprisingly refreshing and delicious served chilled.

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Non Alcoholic Mocktail Set, £24.95

You don’t need to drink alcohol to enjoy the fun of mixing drinks and tasting unique flavours. Take a non-alcoholic mocktail set with you to a party and make everyone very envious with a booze-free take on an Espresso Martini, called an Espresso Tonic, as well as a fruity Berry Sour. 

You’ll be able to make four glasses of the two recipes so it’s up to you if you want to share. Featuring Sandows Cold Brew Coffee, Heron Valley Lemon Juice and hand-picked Norfolk cordials, alongside fresh fruit juice and mixers, all you need to add is ice.

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