Stuart Lubbock’s father slams Michael Barrymore in ‘raped and murdered’ post

Michael Barrymore 's appearance on Good Morning Britain has sparked a brutally blunt reply from the father of Stuart Lubbock – the man who was found dead in Barrymore's home almost twenty years ago.

Michael appeared alongside his lawyer to chat to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid about his desire for Essex police to pass and over the case to a new police force for them to look at it was fresh eyes.

After seemingly seeing the interview on TV or at least the online coverage of the chat, Terry Lubbock took to Facebook to hit out.

The heartbroken dad wrote: "My son Stuart Lubbock was raped and murdered at your home Michael Barrymore. Fact."

During Channel 4's recent documentary Barrymore: The Body in the Pool Forensic Pathologist Professor Jack Crane said he believed something was forcibly inserted into Stuart's anus.

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Recalling the injuries in question in the present day, Professor Crane, said: "The photos showed lacerations to the anal canal.

"It could have been an attempt at forcible fisting. A bottle or dildo could have caused those injuries."

He added: "I cannot contemplate any circumstances in which it was consensual.

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"Well I think that [rape] is a very likely scenario."

Reiterating the injures, pathologist Jack added to Channel 4: "This young man has suffered a very violent and serious sexual assault.

"I think that was the most important thing."

Michael Barrymore has always been adamant he does not know what happened and that the injuries could not have happened at his home.

Breaking down, Stuart on the documenter,Terry Lubbock said: "They'd dragged my son…

"I hope to god that Stuart was in no pain… that he didn't feel the pain."

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