Strongman Eddie Hall scoffing 7,000 calories a DAY to be ready for boxing clash with Bjornsson thanks to wife's cooking

FORMER World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall is devouring over 7,000 calories a day ahead of his boxing debut with a little help from his wife, Alex.

Hall, nicknamed ‘The Beast’, is undergoing a punishing training schedule in preparation for his Las Vegas boxing match with Game of Thrones brute Hafthor Bjornsson next year.

Along with gruelling daily cardio, the ex-world deadlift champion, 32, has devoted himself to learning how to box.

And when he's not working on his extraordinary body – having already shed two stone – Hall is devouring THREE times the recommended intake of calories for an adult male.

His six meals also include massive curries, vegetables, chocolate, granola, baked potatoes, coleslaw and a few snacks to keep him going through the tough regime.

All of his 'platter-sized' meals are cooked by wife Alex – who also revealed lockdown forced them into building a home gym.

Alex said: "At the minute, he is trying to lose fat and maintain muscle, so he is eating around 7,000 calories per day.

“He usually eats six meals per day, and the focus is on carbs, protein and vegetables.

“Eddie doesn’t eat normal sized meals, so I have to serve it to him on a platter because it’s too much food to fit on a plate.

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“I cook all of Eddie’s meals, unless there are some days where I am overloaded with my own commitments.

"In that case, I will prepare it for him and I will leave him instructions on how to cook it.

“It’s not that Eddie can’t or won’t cook, but I don’t think he has ever had the time to try, he has always been so busy with training and competing.

As well as eating hard, Hall trains hard too – training every, single day according to his other-half.

Alex continued: "Eddie trains seven days a week, and it’s very rare that he gets a day off to just relax and watch Netflix or something.

“For four days a week, he will do 45 minutes of cardio and three hours of weights during the day, he’ll have an afternoon nap, then dinner and then he will do his boxing training.

“The other three days a week, it’s mainly cardio such as running, swimming or cycling, and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

“The only day that is a little more relaxed is Sundays, where he’ll try to finish his training early and have family time for the rest of the day.

“Lockdown changed how we approached things, so we built a great gym in our home so Eddie could keep up his training.

“Eddie’s diet changes depending on what it is he is trying to achieve."

Earlier this year, Hall – the 2017 World's Strongest Man winner – said: “Because of my size and the intensity of my training programme, I have to eat a lot.

“I currently consume about 7,000 calories a day, containing a variety of protein, carbs and vegetables.

“It’s not only time consuming to eat so much, it also takes a lot of forward planning, consistency, and effort.”

One of Eddie’s secret weapons is a personalised supplement provided by food tech start-up Nourished, which provides him with up to 21 targeted vitamins and nutrients.

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Eddie, who also uses cryo chambers as part of his intense regime, said: “It’s important I keep up my energy levels and focus and that my muscles recover quickly, which supplements can really help with.

“Due to my size and the level at which I’m training, I also need to take more vitamins and supplements than the average person – so it was crucial I found a more effective and convenient solution than popping loads of pills each day.”

The clash with Bjornsson, who played Ser Gregor ‘The Mountain’ Clegane in the hit HBO series, is scheduled for next September.

The pair’s bad blood goes back to 2017, when the Icelander accused Hall of ‘cheating’ as he became the first Brit to lift the World’s Strongest Man title for more than 20 years.

Hall’s coaches have been so impressed with his boxing progress they reckon he’ll be ready to take on British heavyweight stars Tyson Fury and Athony Joshua by the time he faces Bjornsson.

‘The Beast’ added: “Boxing is a whole new ball-game for me and requires a different kind of fitness and endurance to Strongman.

“My schedule is pretty hectic with fitting in hours of training, six meals a day, business meetings and family time.

“With Nourished I decide exactly what goes into my tailor-made stack.

"I don’t need to worry about taking lots of different pills or about the bulking agents and the other unnecessary ingredients that are in so many standard multi-vitamins.

“I just eat three stacks each morning and evening which each contain seven vitamins, nutrients, and superfoods.

“So I’m getting 21 active ingredients twice a day to help with my performance and recovery, and it’s just an enjoyable and easy experience.

“I also feel the impact from them much more than any other vitamins that I’ve tried, and the concept of 3D printing is just so cool.

“My wife, Alexandra, is really into her health and fitness as well and she takes Nourished with her own specific blend of ingredients.

“It’s great that the same product can benefit individuals with completely different bodies, lifestyle, and goals.”

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