Strange UFO surrounded by tanks spotted on Google Earth by conspiracy theorists

Conspiracy theorists searching through Google Earth are convinced they’ve found a crashed UFO "surrounded by tanks" in Death Valley.

The area, in Lone Pine Unified School District California, is almost 150 miles from the Pacific Ocean but there appears to be a boat alongside the 340-foot teardrop-shaped depression that Twitter user CryptoSpawn believes could be a "landing indentation from a large craft".

Noting that there appears to be a crashed plane just under nine miles away from the anomalous object he speculates: "Did someone get too close and get shot down?"

As well as a bulldozer and the somewhat out-of-position boat there does appear to be a number of military tanks scattered around the central feature.

One commenter suggests that the tanks could be decommissioned military vehicles that are being used for target practice by USAF bombers as the area is about 150 miles southwest of Groom Lake airbase, also known as the location of notorious secret weapons testing zone Area 51.

"There are several boats out there, planes, cars, and tanks, it's really weird," Twitter user Mr Anderson wrote.

While the vast black shadow looks like a "portal to hell" according to one Twitter user, others point out that it could just as easily be Han Solo’s legendary Millennium Falcon.

Nearby, there’s an aircraft boneyard that commenter Countergrind joked could house "every plane that vanished in the Bermuda Triangle".

Nearby there are also a series of "roads to nowhere" in the shape of a Star of David or… one commenter speculates, a pentagram.

There are undoubtedly strange sights to be found in desolate areas across the southwestern US.

The area is home to vast tracts of desert land used for secret military manoeuvres, but if this really were an alien crash site or a secret portal to a dark demonic dimension it probably wouldn’t be publicly visible on Google Earth.

But whatever it is, it’s a reminder that there are all sorts of interesting things waiting out there to be discovered if you just have time to look.

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