Spoilers: Paul in blackmail plot and Ned gets revenge in Neighbours

There are some plot twists ahead for the likes of Pierce, Scarlett and Hendrix in this week’s Neighbours – and none of them see it coming.

Ned (Ben Hall) has finally got the power he needs over Scarlett (Christie Whelan Browne) after she falls foul of her own awful plot. It’s time he got his final twist of revenge, what has he got in store for Scarlett?

Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) learns Pierce’s (Don Hany) dirty little secret and he intends to use it to his full advantage. Will he be prepared to hurt those around him to get what he wants? (D’uh, it’s Paul Robinson).

Hendrix (Benny Turland) does something terrible that could leave Harlow’s (Jemma Donovan) future in jeopardy. What will she do when she finds out what he’s done?

And Kyle (Chris Milligan) has some serious concerns about his gran with her latest behaviour. Can he work out what’s wrong?

Here’s what’s ahead in Neighbours.

Ned breaks Scarlett into confessing

Karma is a bitch for Scarlett when she falls victim to her own horrific acid attack. She suffers nasty burns but despite the situation she finds herself in she refuses to co-operate with the police. Ned wants her dealt with once and for all so he comes up with a plan to extract a confession out of her. With a little goading, Scarlett can’t resist and reveals every tiny detail of her plot to frame him for murder. She’s really done it this time.

Paul blackmails Pierce over illicit affair

When Paul catches Pierce and Dipi after they’ve done it in the manager’s office at Lassiters, he’s struck gold. Now he has the leverage to get full control of the hotel back. He blackmails Pierce with this knowledge and taunts Dipi, who is unaware of what Paul knows. He has the power to ruin two marriages for the sake of his beloved business and you can bet your bottom dollar he intends to use it to his full advantage.

Jane gets closure over her nan’s death

Jane and Nicolett’s relationship has been on the rocks since Nicolette admitted what she did to Mrs Mangel, but are mother and daughter about to have a breakthrough? Hopefully so, as it’s Nicolette’s birthday and it would be miserable without her mother. Nicolette realises that what Jane needs is closure, so she comes up with a plan to give her mother just that. Will this get them back on track?

Hendrix cheats

Harlow is struggling under the stress of exams so Terese suggests she apply for special consideration. Sadly for poor harlow, it’s something she should have thought about ages ago as she discovers she’s left it way too late. Hendrix sees how gutted she is and how the pressure has intensified so he tries to help. But of course this is Hentrix helping, and he’s about to make everything worse. Hendrix gets his hands on the exam paper and takes photographs which he sends to Harlow. What he doesn’t realise is that Terese has confiscated her phone in a bid to help her concentrate. What will happen to Harlow when the pictures get discovered? Are her problems about to get a heck of a lot worse?

Audrey has a plan to get the money

Audrey is working hard on her plan to crack her way into Nicolette’s life, but Nicolette’s had enough and snaps – she’s not giving the money back and that’s the end of it. Audrey is ready for this and has a plan for another way they can clear their consciences. What will Nicolette say?

Kyle’s fears for Sheila

Sheila is still incredibly down after her breakup with Clive, and Kyle can’t bear to see her suffer any longer. He comes up with a plan and, roping in Toadie for help, sets her up on a dating site. Naturally, Sheila is horrified at the thought of it being done without her knowledge and demands Kyle to delete it immediately. But her extreme reaction shocks Kyle, who realises there is much more going on here than just sadness over a breakup.

Scenes air from Monday 16th November on Channel 5.

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