Spoilers: Paige's big secret, Toadie's meltdown and more in Neighbours

Emotions run high this week in Neighbours as we mark a whole year since Toadie (Ryan Moloney) said goodbye to the love of his life on the beach when Sonya (Eve Morey) died in his arms. There are also emotional reunions of mother and daughter Prue (Denise Van Outen) and Harlow (Jemma Donovan) and Finn’s (Rob Mills) fear grows as he realises he’s losing his grip on reality.

Jane (Annie Jones) is in for a shock when her catfish saga takes a very dangerous turn – whoever is playing games with her heartstrings might just have a sinister ulterior motive…

Paige (Olympia Valance) and Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor) can feel the sparks flying, but will they still be there when Paige makes a huge revelation?

Gary (Damien Richardson) and Prue make their return and some big news will leave their family divided.

And Finn is getting ever darker. Will Bea (Bonnie Anderson) realise before it’s too late?

1. Jane’s catfish mystery takes dangerous turn

Paul gets a lead on Jane’s catfish when Yashvi reveals something terrifying – she thinks she’s seen someone connected to one of the Renshaw siege at the Complex. Are they back? Paul does more digging and comes up trumps – he discovers the true identity of the catfish, it’s Mannix, and he’s out for revenge. How far will he go with Jane to get back at Paul for trying to kill him?

2. Toadie’s meltdown over Sonya’s death

Toadie is struggling over the anniversary of Sonya’s death and is having second thoughts about putting her dress in the expo. But oblivious Roxy doesn’t know and puts the dress on to hand out flyers. When Toadie sees he loses it at her in public and is clearly not coping. Can Karl and Susan help him through this difficult day?

3. Paige reveals a shocking truth

Chloe and Aaron suggest Mark tries to spend more time with Paige but he thinks it’s a bad idea. Aaron meddles, attempting to set the two up. Mark is disappointed when he’s called back to Adelaide suddenly, so his brother arranges a leaving do, and Paige is invited. But Mark is left devastated when she doesn’t go. But when David later finds her she presses her for a reason and she cracks, revealing to him a very shocking truth.

4. Prue is back with another secret

Prue is back and Harlow is intrigued by her arrival. Does she even want to see her? Gary is keen to keep the peace. Prue tries to reassure her daughter she’s back for her and she’s left the order, but Harlow knows her better than that. There’s another secret going on here – and it doesn’t take long for it to come out.

5. Love for Hendrix and Harlow?

Hendrix is hating being left in limbo after their kiss and she isn’t sure how she feels. When they bump into each other he realises her mind is on her mum’s return and realises her lack of communication hasn’t been because she isn’t interested. The sparks are still there and it looks like Hendrix is still in with a chance.

6. Another shock proposal hits Ramsay Street

Harlow is reeling from the news – Gary and Prue are engaged. Kyle and Sheila think it’s a terrible idea and Harlow thinks it confirms Prue returned for Gary and not her. Prue tries to convince her otherwise, but when Terese comes up with an idea for the wedding expo, is Harlow’s nightmare about to get worse? Wait ’til she finds out The Order are still involved.

7. Finn is losing his grip

Finn is struggling to control his anger and his controlling nature is seeping back into his relationship with Bea, demanding she stand up for him and quit singing at the Waterhole. When she refuses his anger almost bubbles over. Is he losing it? On his own he reveals in his video diary that he’s remembered what happened in Colombia and is even angrier at Trent. Bea senses something is off and makes it her mission to cheer him up. She has no idea that he’s turning more and more to Elly, and that his old evil side is returning too.

Scenes air from Monday 2nd March at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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