SpaceX Is Launching a Moon Satellite Funded by Dogecoin

Elon Musk just can’t seem to get away from being the “Dogefather,” SpaceX has now reached a deal with Canadian engineering firm Geometric Energy Corporation to launch its DOGE-1 cubesat to the Moon. Set to take place during the first quarter of 2022, the Moon satellite launched aboard Falcon 9 rocket will be funded entirely by Dogecoin.

Once in space, the 88-pound cubesat will be collecting “lunar-spatial intelligence” with a combination of cameras and sensors. Geometric Energy notes DOGE-1 will become the first commercial lunar payload paid for with a cryptocurrency. Tom Ochinero, Vice President of Commercial Sales at SpaceX, also notes that the Dogecoin-funded mission could prove the viability of cryptocurrency as the “foundation for interplanetary commerce.”

Geometric Energy Corporation is also planning to continue using Dogecoin to fund its future lunar efforts.

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