Socialite stranded in hotel by coronavirus crisis laments lack of amenities

British socialite Natasha Rayne likes living life in the lap of luxury: attending charity galas with the rich and famous, flying on private jets and staying in the world’s best hotels.

But thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, Rayne spent the last two weeks trapped in Cleveland, Ohio, and surviving on Subway sandwiches while waiting to meet her newborn twins.

“Being quarantined at the Ritz-Carlton sounds posh but it isn’t,” said Rayne, 54. “We were almost the only other people in the hotel. There were no amenities whatsoever. We were tidying ourselves because we couldn’t allow maids in without masks and gloves. I feel like I am in someone else’s movie. It’s heartbreaking.”

Rayne — whose mother, Lady Jane Lacey, née Vane-Tempest-Stewart, was a maid of honor at Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, and whose father, Lord Max Rayne, was the Baron of Prince’s Meadow — and her 15-year-old daughter, Delilah, left their comfort zone behind to pick up babies Sebastian and Talitha. The infants were born March 20, four weeks early, to an Ohio surrogate.

Rayne had been trying to grow her family for years.

“I was born with [the genetic bone disorder] osteogenesis imperfecta,” she said. “I couldn’t walk until I was 4 years old without having multiple fractures. My fear is having a child with the same disease.”


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