Snaps of dogs who wish their owner wouldn't have gotten a second pup

Pleased to mutt you! Hilarious snaps show exasperated dogs who wish their owners hadn’t bought a pesky new pet sibling into the family

  • Pet owners from across the globe shared hilarious pictures of unhappy pets 
  • Snaps show pooches looking positively peeved at their new sibling’s arrival
  • Dogs are seen looking exasperated as their new pals use them as seats and toys

Owners from across the globe have captured the hilarious facial expressions of their distinctly unimpressed pets after welcoming a second dog into the family.

Collated in a Bored Panda pictore gallery, it shows dogs looking thoroughly miserable as the newest members of the family takes over their lives – and gets all the attention.  

In one hilarious snap, a bulldog can be seen giving the camera the side eye as his new sibling jumps into the shot. 

In another, a dog can’t hide his horrified expression as his owner presents him with their new puppy.  

Owners from across the globe have captured the hilarious facial expressions of their distinctly unimpressed pets after welcoming a second dog into the family.  In North Carolina, this puppy gives his new pal the side eye

Elsewhere, in an unknown location, this dog looks positively perplexed at his rather small new companion resting happily on his nose – and doesn’t seem thrilled to be his designated pillow  

Welcome to the family? Back in the UK, we’re not sure if the pup on the left is delighted or horrified by the new member of his clan, judging by the wide-eyed look of terror on his face

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Meanwhile, the more established member of this dog family is putting on a civilised display, while the newbie is making rather a fuss – much to his annoyance

In Texas, one dog is clearly enjoying this joined playtime, while the other seems to have accepted his fate – as the new family pillow

The family’s old dog is making sure to keep an eye on the newest addition, and he’s not impressed at the furball’s cheery disposition

In Colorado, the new puppy’s biting problem is taking a toll on the family’s old basset hound  -though he appears to be dealing with it patiently

Meanwhile, this bulldog is clearly not amused by the antics of his brother, as he shares an unimpressed look to the camera in Minnesota as his nemesis bounds up to him

In Salt Lake City, the white dog silently bears the burden has his little brother, who appears to be using him as a pillow as his escape plan fails to give him any peace

Spot the dog! The new pet in this family clearly wants to make sure the pug knows who is the alpha pup in town – as he is hardly visible squashed at the bottom of the seat

Nobody seems happy with their situation in this dog family portrait from Pennsylvania where one pup sit on top of the other as they have a silent stand-off

He might be tiny, but this puppy from Michigan is a force to reckon with, just ask his older brother – who appears to wear a permanent look of trauma on his face

Love me! The family’s new puppy seems smitten with his older siblings as he sits on its neck, but it doesn’t look as though the feeling is mutual

In New England, the family’s old dog seems unimpressed with their owner’s choice of new puppy – who s seen enthusiastically pulling at his leg

In Arkansas, this pup is asserting his control over the over, who seems to be ok with the manhandling  – as they all get used to their new roles

Save me! In Dallas, this family’s old pup offers the camera a pleading look as his new brother can be seen biting his tail  in the background

And in an unknown location the family’s old dog is not happy that his new brother has mistaken him for a chair in this hilarious picture – where their facial expressions say it all

In Minnesota, not everyone is happy at the new puppy, and the original dog has even turned his back on him  in protest 

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