Sister Wives' Kody Brown: Divorce From Christine 'Poisoning' Relationship With Other Wives

"If you don't respect me, don't bother with the love. It just doesn't work in my world."

Kody Brown’s divorce with Christine Brown has come with new relationship woes.

During Sunday’s November 27 episode of TLC’s “Sister Wives,” the 53-year-old reality star claimed that his split has affected his relationships with his three remaining wives: Meri Brown, Janelle Brown and Robyn Brown.

‘I’m struggling so much with this divorce,” the Brown family patriarch revealed in a confessional. “It’s probably poisoning my relationship with Janelle a little bit and definitely poisoning my relationship with Robyn.”

He explained, “I think that’s because I haven’t figured out what I am when we’re not this family. I’m out of my frame and I’m out of my purpose. I’m spiritually off course. I’m a mess.”

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Janelle noted the uncharted territory the polygamist family has found themselves in, saying “there’s no rules” and “no guidelines” to how the wives should proceed going forward. “I don’t think any of us knows what goes on now,” she said.

Kody said the divorce has caused a negative ripple effect in terms of his relationship with Janelle. The father of 15 cited their complications to her unwavering loyalty to Christine and her desire to live on their Coyote Pass property instead of a house.

“It’s been less than a picnic,” he confessed of his issues with Janelle. “So it’s like, ‘Oh, we’re going to ignore the problems in the relationship.'”

“I feel like Janelle struggles to respect me. Or show me respect. It might be an unfair statement, I don’t know,” he said. “Maybe it’s just the way that we argue. If you don’t respect me, don’t bother with the love. It just doesn’t work in my world.”

For Janelle, most of her grievances come with her desire to live on the Coyote Pass; she admitted she wanted her “piece” of the land to begin building her dream home. The mother of six explained her annoyance with having her sister wives approve of her plans before she could start construction.

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“I live in a bureaucracy,” she explained. “It’s the most frustrating part of my life.”

The episode featured Christine packing up her belongings and saying her goodbyes before heading up to Utah to permanently reside with her daughter Truely, whom she shares with Kody.

“No one ever wants to leave a marriage,” Christine confessed. “I’m leaving broken hearts behind and that’s what’s hard. Starting over is hard.”

Back in November 2021, the 50-year-old reality star revealed she would be parting ways with Kody after more than 25 years of marriage.

Later in the episode, Christine revealed she was no longer comfortable returning to Arizona and set her sights on her future in Utah as she and Kody came to a head about their relationship.

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“I don’t like to be here. I would prefer to be anywhere else. Because anywhere else, I’m strong and independent and fun and fearless and can rise to any occasion,” the TV personality told cameras “You put me back here and I’m a wife in a loveless marriage that was going nowhere, and I don’t like to be that. It’s like a farewell to that too.”

Kody was distraught with the “Cooking with Just Christine” star’s goodbye, “There’s a sense that I feel like I’m, in a way, just coping,” he said. “I really want to tell her, ‘I loved you, why did you betray me?’ That’s almost just as pathetic. Because she’s leaving. She’s done and I’ve got to accept that but I don’t want to because it’s breaking my heart.”

The former couple weren’t the only ones who opened up about the hurt they’ve experienced with Christine’s departure.

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In a confessional interview an emotional Robyn tearfully reflected on the split, “It’s really hard to be optimistic when a bomb just went off and blew up all your hopes. The collateral damage will last for generations,” she claimed.

On the other hand, Meri spoke of the public backlash she’s faced since Christine announced her decision to leave.

“It shocks me how mean people are,” she explained. “These people come at me and they’re like, ‘Why can’t you be strong like Christine? Why can’t you leave Kody? He’s such a blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,’ the whole list of the things they say about Kody.”

Meri, Kody’s first wife, has no second thoughts on her marriage, but admitted that the public’s response has made her feel her individual identity has been invalidated.

“It frustrates me because, you know what, Christine has her own value regardless of Kody. I have my own value regardless of Kody,” Meri said.

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