Singing Syrian fans perch high up on rooftops to support teams

Singing Syrian football fans perch high up on balconies and rooftops as the country’s Premier League returns after a two-month coronavirus suspension and matches are played behind closed doors

  • The Syrian Premier League’s games are being played behind closed doors 
  • But enterprising fans have found a new way of watching the matches take place 
  • They met on the roof of a nearby building with a vantage point over the pitch
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Syrian football supporters came up with a novel way to support their team when their league resumed at the end of May.

After the coronavirus outbreak in the middle eastern nation, the football season finally restarted last month – with matches in the Syrian Premier League taking place behind closed doors.

They did not have the ability to support their team inside the stadium, but fans found another perch to cheer on their favourites.

Syrian football fans found a new way to support their team after the coronavirus suspension

Games are taking place behind closed doors, which means supporters cannot attend

Instead of gathering inside the ground, they instead stood on the roof of a nearby building to get a view of the pitch.

Holding flags and waving banners in support of their players, they cheered when one of the team’s stars scored.

They could also be heard singing for their players as they looked to inspire them to victory despite being unable to get any closer.

Instead, supporters have been gathering at the top of buildings overlooking pitches

They could be heard chanting and supporting their team while waving flags and banners

The Syrian Premier League was suspended for two months as the nation battled the global pandemic.

There was an expectation that the country would be hard-hit by COVID-19 due to the ongoing civil war and difficult humanitarian situation.

They introduced a curfew and significant restrictions on movement between provinces as a method of battling the disease.

The nation has suffered just six deaths and 144 confirmed cases, although a lockdown has been imposed on Ras al-Ma’ara to avoid a further outbreak. 

Fans at the top of an apartment building support their side as they chant from the rooftops

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