Siesta Key's Juliette Calls Kelsey 'Thirsty', Reveals Her Reaction If Alex Returned

“There’s definitely times that all hell breaks loose,” the reality star said of the latest season.

MTV’s “Siesta Key” star Juliette is opening up about all the intense drama on Season 4 of the hit reality show — none more so than her broken friendship with Kelsey, which has now veered into feud territory.

The one-time besties saw their relationship crumble last season, but now their competing swimwear lines are causing the fracture to expand — which all coincides with Chloe’s attempt to change her troublemaking image, Brandon’s trials as a new father and Madisson’s journey to the altar.

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TooFab caught up with Juliette to get the 411 on the latest season, including behind-the-scenes details never before revealed.

The 23-year-old reality star explained why she’s not on speaking terms with Kelsey, the “special” nature of her bond with Chloe, the importance of her mom’s forgiveness, and the reaction she would have if her “horrible” ex, Alex, returned to the show.

Check out the full Q&A, below!

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Why is the friction between you and Kelsey over the swimwear brands so intense?

“It was a cause of a lot of tension and you see that progress throughout the season. I’m not really on speaking terms with Kelsey, but no one wants to directly say, ‘I hate you because you started a swimsuit line too.’ There’s always going to be another reason that comes up, but I’m sure it’s still weird for her. I mean, ultimately I launched first and she hasn’t really launched yet. So for there to be competition, I guess you would have to launch simultaneously and that didn’t happen that way. So, I support her. I plan on buying one of her suits, but even if I do, she’ll probably think it’s a slap in the face.”

What frustrates you most about your relationship with Kelsey?

“I mean, what triggers me about her is just — I think she’s kind of thirsty for lack of a better word. I feel like she’s always trying to prove something to everyone and I just feel like she’s willing to make up lies to speak negatively to bring me down. She kind of comes across to me lately as the type of person that would knock someone down to lift herself up. And I don’t think that’s a fair way to live life. But life’s not fair. So I don’t know. If it works for her then that’s what she’s doing. I mean, she’ll obviously disagree with that statement, but that’s just kind of the way I see it.”

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Why do you and Chloe appear to be so close, even though she has caused major drama in your life?

“Chloe and I are very open people. Like we really are able to speak to each other truthfully without having any baggage. And we just kind of put it all on the table. And I think that’s like the healthiest way to move on from situations with people. I mean, you could argue that it was worse than my situation with Kelsey, but we’ve apologized. We’ve really spoken to each other about everything and that’s how Chloe is with everyone. I mean, she has had problems with everyone as, as you’ve seen on the show, but she truly works through them. I think that’s something that’s actually really special about Chloe.”

What can you tell us about the explosive fights that have been teased for this season?

“Yeah, there are definitely some that people, at least now, won’t see coming. I think that when everyone gets in certain situations, it’s like all hell breaks loose. And there’s definitely some times that all hell breaks loose.”

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Why did you feel the need to confess to your mom about something you did that causes you to break down in an upcoming episode?

“When I make a mistake that I’m very, very disappointed in myself for, or I’m not proud of what I’ve done. I’m like, ‘Oh, I got to tell my mom because if she forgives me, then I can work through the situation.’ But I care about her opinion the most, and my life is on television. So it’s just like a little extra worse than normal. So I just kind of have to — I’m not going to say exactly what happened — but I just have to get my mom’s forgiveness first. And as long as she forgives me, I can make it there.”

How do you compare your new boyfriend Sam to your ex, Alex, who was kicked off the show due to his past racially charged comments on social media?

“Sam doesn’t cheat on me, for one. Sam also listens to me and respects how I feel most of the time. He’s just so much better. He doesn’t lie to me ever. He’s completely honest with me about everything. He’s just a sweeter soul than Alex was. And Alex was just toxic. He was horrible. He was a straight-up pathological liar. He just had problems. Lke I knew at the time he had problems, I was like stupid and didn’t leave. But looking back now, it’s like, ‘Oh my God, what a sh– show.'”

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What cast member would you love to come back and why?

“This is probably like a bad answer, but it would be funny if Alex came back just because he was so good for reality TV — cause he was just so bad. Of course, that’s never going to happen. But if he were to walk through the door at a party, we would all be like, ‘Oh my God!’ No, I would run. I’ve said — ’cause I haven’t seen him in so long — if I saw him anywhere, I would just burst out laughing. That would really stir the pot.”

“Siesta Key” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on MTV.

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