Shopper orders ‘perfect’ drawers for home but should have read the description

An online shopper who thought she had found the 'bargain of the year' discovered exactly why it was too good to be true when it was delivered to her home.

A member of the DIY On A Budget UK Facebook group was after the perfect set of drawers as part of a renovation project and went online to try and track down a deal.

After searching around, she stumbled across exactly what she was looking for, made even sweeter by the fact they were retailing for only £16.99 on Groupon.

The order was placed and it wasn't until the mix and match set of colourful drawers arrived at her door that she realised the small oversight she had made.

She shared the hilarious mix up with other members of the group, with many fessing up to having made similar mistakes in the past.

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Blinded by the bargain in front of her, the shopper had failed to properly read the description – including the size of the furniture she was purchasing, as reported by The Sun .

The miniature version which arrived would do well to store a few socks and pairs of underwear, let alone the rest of her belongings.

Knowing she could either laugh or cry at the mistake, she wrote: "Thought I'd give you all a giggle. Bought what I thought was the bargain of the year on Groupon – chest of drawers for £16.99.

"Me being me didn't bother to look at sizes etc, looked big in the pictures."

It turns out she was in good company, as one person replied: "Omg I did exactly the same with the exact same drawers!! Much to the amusement of my family who think it’s hilarious!!"

A second helpfully suggested: "I made the same mistake but my daughter absolutely loves it and uses it for her nail varnish and make up."

It's not the first similar online shopping fail we've seen after one mum's fluffy rug turned out to be what she described as a ' hairy paper plate ' instead.

The online advert showed a model sinking her feet into a mound of soft fluff as took strides across the huge rug, and Charlotte McAteer snapped up the £9.99 bargain.

What turned up instead was a flimsy, small mat, only just large enough for her two year old daughter Aoife to put both feet on.

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