Sexpert shares the most common questions she gets from men who want to impress in the bedroom – and the answers

A RELATIONSHIP guru shares the most common questions she gets from men about the bedroom – and claims they are clueless.

Nadia Bokody, a sex columnist, claims the number of messages she receives from men who know nothing about the bedroom is far greater than you’d imagine.

She said: “Stories of men who couldn’t locate the clitoris, didn’t know the difference between the vagina and the uterus, and who were perplexed when their female partners didn’t orgasm spontaneously, abounded.”

Nadia also told stories of one cam girl had a client who was convinced she could lactate on demand, a customer who tried to return a used sex toy, and a man who cleaned his wife’s vibrator with rubbing alcohol.

Did someone say ouch?

She claims she's heard it all when it’s come to awkward mishaps in the bedroom.

Whilst looking at the replies, Nadia realised that there was a serious lack of awareness surrounding sex education in teenage boys and men.

Writing for, she explained that many of the responses were shocking.

Nadia said: "I’m still wincing from this one, it provided ample LOLs.”

Her initial laughter about the comments turned to concern.

The sexpert used to be a high-school teacher, so she says she’s in a unique position to fully understand how inadequate sex education is in schools.

Nadia wrote: “It’s for this reason I’m rarely shocked when I hear from male readers who insist they’ve never had a woman fake it on them (sorry gents, you have), that there are “ways to tell” (there aren’t); or that their wives simply aren’t into sex (they are, just not the kind they’re having with you).”

She says the lack of in-depth education in schools leave young men confused about sex.

She believes that there needs to be more emphasis put on “female desire, comfort, arousal, and most importantly – consent”.

The sexpert uses her platform and influence to provide information to anyone who asks – especially when it concerns women’s pleasure.

She said: “Having a clogged spam folder each week is a small price to pay for knowing one less man is going to press his thumb into a woman’s pubic bone and wait for her to orgasm.”

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