Sex expert gives her verdict on Elle MacPherson ‘libido booster’

As a working mum with a toddler who’s potty training, it’s fair to say passion is not at the forefront of my mind. Frankly, I’ll take any boost my love life can get.

So when I heard Elle MacPherson had launched a libido-enhancing supplement, I had to give it a try.

I’m normally a wine and chocolates kind of girl but I figure if it’s good enough for “The Body” it’s good enough for me.

The Super Booster costs an eye-watering £85 for a 14-day supply and comes in two formulas, one for men and one for women. My husband Rob is sceptical but willing to give it a go.

In my last attempt to revamp our sex life, I insisted on setting our alarms an hour early to squeeze in a sesh before our baby woke up. It lasted a week. By comparison, this will be a breeze.

The sleek black packaging certainly looks luxurious. Each box contains 14 sachets of powder which we are to mix with 250ml of cold water.

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Getting the powder to dissolve is nearly impossible. I stir hard but the glass is full of soggy lumps.

“Down the hatch, then?” I venture.

We clink our glasses and knock back the murky pink contents.

“It’s like drinking a fruity puddle,” Rob says.

Both contain Maca root which is used in traditional Peruvian medicine to enhance fertility and sex drive. Mine has red clover, said to be hormone-balancing, and holy basil to reduce stress.

Rob’s has rye flower pollen extract for prostate health and the aptly-named horny goat weed, said to increase blood flow and improve sexual function.

I have to admit, it tastes really good – like drinking a breakfast smoothie.

During the week we juggle work and family duties before crashing out on the sofa in the evening. But on Saturday we have a date night. As we sip our drinks in the bar, Rob whispers that he’s feeling horny.

“Let’s see if we still have the energy later,” I say.

Back home we hop into bed and it turns out we definitely do still have the energy.

The following evening we hit the sack again. And again the next night.

But the next day I wake up with a cold. So much for the health benefits!

Rob reckons he’s seen a lift in his libido but I’m now feeling less horny than when we started!

There’s no doubt Elle’s Super Booster tastes great. And we had some hot sex… for a while. But at £85 per box, I’ll be sticking to the wine and chocolates.

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