Seattle Zoo Shares Stunningly Sweet Shots of Their New Gorilla Baby

They say March is in like a lion, out like a lamb; but it’s all gorilla over at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo.

On March 4, female gorilla Uzumma gave birth to a baby boy.

“We’re happy to report that mama and baby both appear healthy and are doing well,” the zoo said in a release, which also included several precious photos of Uzumma holding her new arrival.

“You can see the heartwarming bond that’s developing between Uzumma and her newborn, who is not yet named,” the zoo added.

In the shots, you can see the love radiating from Uzumma as she gently caresses her child. The baby boy is Uzumma’s first kid, and zookeepers are impressed with how easily the primate mom has taken to caring for him.

Keepers shared in the release that Uzumma hasn’t put down the baby since he was born and is attending to the little gorilla’s every need, just like her mom Amanda did with her.

“Uzumma often gently touches the back of her baby’s head and ears with her mouth as he nurses. It’s hard not to interpret these as gorilla-style kisses,” the zoo said of Uzumma’s post-birth behavior in their release. “She also pats and strokes his head, and gently bobs him up and down against her chest when he needs comforting.”

With care like this, it’s no surprise that the baby gorilla is “hydrated, alert,” and doing well.

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