S club 7s Paul Cattermole read my future and said Id be pregnant with twins very soon

During primary school, if my fellow classmates and I behaved well during our morning assembly hymns, then as a treat we’d be allowed to sing S Club 7’s Reach to conclude proceedings.

I would dutifully belt out ‘He’s got the whole world in his hands’ and ‘Give me oil in my lamp’, dreaming of the big finale.

The words would be projected onto the wall, but I didn’t need to look. “Reach for the stars,” I would sing/shout as I lifted my right arm up into the air forcefully and then outstretched it directly in front of me, shaking my fingers while slowly moving it to the right side. You know the move, don’t pretend you don’t!

I’d attempt to be mindful of my neighbours as I performed, but the excitement was often too much to contain. “Climb every mountain higher,” I’d continue with my equally content classmates.

At ten years old, S Club 7, including bandmate Paul Cattermole were a great source of happiness for me. 18 years later and Paul filled me with joy once more.

This time, it didn’t come from singing his hits (although I do still love to belt out classic ‘Never Had a Dream Come True’ and there truly is no party like an S Club party – I won’t be told otherwise), it was through a psychic reading.

Paul, 44, has swapped showbiz for spirituality, and now charges around £40 for a twenty minute reading.

We're glad to see him being successful, after he previously sold his BRIT awards on eBay to make money.

Although this career change has only happened in the last year, his ‘gifts’ are something he’s been aware of since he was 22.

“I was working in Los Angeles with S Club 7 just after the group had been formed. Something made me buy a pack of Tarot cards on Melrose Avenue. It’s like they spoke to me. They were miniature so I could take them with me wherever I went and didn’t have to tell anybody.”

At the start of a brand new musical career he didn’t want to rock the boat. “I kept it a secret from my bandmates. I didn’t want them to think I was mad and I still believe I made the right decision.”

He privately honed his skill, learning more and more about the spiritual world.

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“By the time I was 30, I was being contacted by the dead. It didn’t freak me out, but I was getting so many people coming through that I was finding it hard to focus on what was and wasn’t important. I even had a murder victim, who I helped to get justice.”

Since he stopped ignoring his psychic abilities he’s been able to “quieten” his mind.

“I look back on the band with very fond memories, and it was hard to step away from music and make being a psychic my main job but it feels right at this point in my life. I now can do up to 20 readings per day, but I feel more comfortable doing eight.”

Although he doesn’t do it all alone. “I have spirit guides – one is a famous worldwide musician who has passed to the other side but I can’t tell you who, one is a family member I lost and one is an angel.”

“They are neither a man or a woman. Although some angels can have sexes, I should make that clear,” he told me sternly. I nodded to indicate I understood.

Our conversation about his journey came to a natural end, and it was time for him to give me a reading.

I’ve only had one before in my life – I was 22, had recently moved to London from Birmingham and wanted to know what my future held. Nothing came true so six months later I texted to ask the psychic for a refund so I could do a big ASDA shop. I did not receive a response.

Hopefully Paul would do better. At least this time I didn’t have to catch three buses, as our chat was taking place over Zoom as he’s still taking Covid-19 precautions. “The connection is basically just as strong though,” he assures me.

Paul has selected a planet as his background, which he occasionally disappears into as he shuffles the cards.

He tells me that his technique is to allow the cards to come out on their own. “That one flew across the room,” he smiled.

Eight cards rested in front of him, including the magician which told me to concentrate more on my manifestations –I’ll have to give this guide another read, and the Six of Swords.

“This is the travelling card,” he explained. “Did you make some kind of move?”

“I did move back to Birmingham from London during the pandemic, and now I’m looking to go back again,” I explain.

“That’s the right decision," he confidently proclaims. I'm glad someone is sure of what I should be doing in life because I am certainly not.

"You’ve also got the Eight of Cups, which is telling you to walk away from things that no longer serve you which could be where you currently live.”

Next Paul tells me, “There are no good or bad cards in Tarot” as he flashes one to the camera which looks the very definition of bad. I learn it’s the 10 of Swords, and has a man laying down underneath a black sky with the weapon poking into his back.

“Oh, I’m getting a message coming through from the Spirits, which I am channelling. They told me to tell you that if you don’t move to London you’re going to be let down or betrayed by somebody very close to you.” I resisted the urge to end the call immediately and pack my cases.

I’m also told that I will make a lot of money through a side hustle which will involve social media (not sure I’d make much money selling teeth whitening kids to my 3000 followers) and a book. Jacqueline Wilson, move over.

“Now, you can ask me a question,” he reveals.

“When will I meet the love of my life?,” quickly pours out of my mouth. “Oh yes – that’s the second most common question after will my relationship work?” I feel very basic.

Within five minutes I’m told I’ll meet a fire sign in October, who I’ll date before meeting a water sign in 2023 who I will marry. I will be on at least my second child by 33, and two of them are likely to be twins. I will have four children altogether. It's a lot to take in for somebodywho isn’t sure if children are destined for them.

“You’re doubting what I’m telling you aren’t you? I can tell from your face,” Paul noted. He was right, it all seems a bit too good to be true. I’ve been single for a very long time.

“You’re a good person and the universe wants to reward you,” he told me and I felt a tear come to my eye. “You need to believe that.”

So, in summary Paul told me what he's been telling me for two decades. Simply to reach for the stars.

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