Rick Astley age: How old is Rick Astley – how long has he been performing?

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Rick Astley is truly never gonna give us up, and is still performing since his breakthrough in the 1980s. However, the singer has changed from being a young popstar into a singer-songwriter with a breadth of styles at his fingertips. But how long has he been performing and how old is he now?

Rick Astley was born on February 6, 1966, which means he is 55-years-old.

Given the singer released an album when he turned 50 in 2016, fans may be hoping for another record to mark the big birthday.

However, that does not look likely as his newest record, 2019’s The Best of Me, did not get the promotional outing it was hoping for given the COVID-19 pandemic stopped Rick’s tour.

The tour has been rescheduled to 2021, so he will be meeting all his fans as planned, so long as tour venues are operational.

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As for his performance history, Rick has been in the business since the mid-1980s.

He signed with Stock Aitken Waterman, the songwriting trio known as the Hit Factory, at the age of 19 in 1985, and two years later he released his debut song and major hit, Never Gonna Give You Up.

In the subsequent few years of fame, his first eight singles were all Top 10 hits, with his focus on pop-inflected earworms.

After a little while, Rick moved towards his roots in the soul world, which was less successful, and at aged 28, he retired from the music industry after releasing four albums.

Each of his four albums had become less successful, with his musical style changing along with his age.

His retirement came so he could raise a family, as he had met his wife Lene, who was working in the music industry, in 1988.

Rick and his wife had a daughter, Emilie, who is a landscape gardener who, as of 2018, was living in Denmark.

However, his absence from the music scene was not too long, as an internet phenomenon gave him a well-earned comeback.

Rick returned with a new album, Keep It Turned On, in 2001, though it was not released in the UK or very widely at all.

In 2005, he released Portrait, which was able to be heard by UK fans, and was a series of jazz standards, albeit delivered in a more pop-inflected fashion.

However, in 2007, something happened which few would have expected: Rick became the focus of a strange internet meme.

This was called rickrolling, which is an internet prank created when an unsuspecting person receives an email with a link, often telling them it will take them to a particular page.

This page then opens up a video of Rick Astley’s music video of Never Gonna Give You Up, which can sometimes pop up numerous times, so much so that a person must shut down their computer to escape it.

This helped a far younger age bracket encounter his music, and ultimately helped him to become better known ahead of his following work.

Rick is heading on tour in 2021, restrictions allowing, and is still making music.

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