Richardson Reflects on Its Magazine Archive for First SS21 Drop

Seminal print Richardson Magazine and its eponymous clothing line Richardson looks to the past for Spring/Summer 2021, reminiscing the last 20 years of its publication.

In its first drop of the season, Richardson presents utility and equipment that only a “prepper” could deem essential, such as a carabiner in black or orange colorways, a “Shooter” cap that sports a textured Richardson logo patch on the front, and a pair of logo-printed reversible suspenders.

Aside from these smaller pieces comes a variety of garments that look back on previous Richardson Magazine issues. For example, the MA-1 jacket is reversible and comes in black nylon on the outside, complete with chunky zippers down the middle and on the arm alongside front and rear branding. Inside, you’ll find the signature shade of MA-1 bomber orange lining the interior alongside a print collage of issues 1-9 of Richardson Magazine, which can be worn reversed to become the exterior of the jacket.

Alongside this, Richardson offers pins that reference the Richardson Magazine issues 1-9, as well as the moleskin vest and moleskin pants both in “Dark Grey” and black, and finally a black woolen work shirt. The first SS21 drop from Richardson can be seen above and is releasing in the U.S. on February 18 at 9 a.m. EST on the Richardson website, while it will come to Japan on February 20.

In case you missed it, check out every piece from the “Palace Artois” collection.
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