RHOC star Rachel Lugo opens up about her new-found independence

Real Housewives of Cheshire star Rachel Lugo has opened up about her new found confidence since she turned 40.

The 46-year-old reality star has been through a journey of self-discovery over the past six years after she found a new sense of self-confidence as she watched her stunning daughters continue to blossom into powerful young women.

Viewers have definitely watched the mum-of-five come out of her shell a little more on the hit E4 show since she first joined the show back in 2015.

And now the proud mum has revealed who was the biggest inspiration behind her lifestyle change and fans don’t need to look far to find them.

In an exclusive chat with the Daily Star, the blonde bombshell revealed her journey started when she celebrated her milestone birthday with her friends and family.

She shared: “They’ve seen a huge change in me since I hit 40, the last six years they’ve seen a huge change in me.

“I speak out now when I don’t agree with things and I never used to, I used to come home and just say, ‘Can you believe that?’

“It’s better now for me to get it off my chest at the time instead of finding that I'm constantly being two-faced and b****ing.”

And the businesswoman has seen how her change has had an impact on her children who look up to her as a strong, independent and powerful role model.

She added: “They’ve seen me change massively and I like the person that I am, I like the person that I’ve become.

“It shows my three daughters as well as my two sons, one – how you should treat women and two – how women are strong and independent.

“I think I'm a really good role model for my girls,” she proudly declared.

But Rachel revealed that her daughters have been a huge inspiration to her through their confidence and determination that has pushed her to become the woman she is today.

“I feel like they’ve taught me a lot,” she explained, “They were much stronger than me as far as friendships and speaking out and I’ve learnt a lot from them as well.

“When I look at them, I think, ‘I wish I was more like them at their age’ because they have so much confidence.

“If they don’t like something they change it whereas I would kind of just go along with it.”

As the TV star reflected on the impact her daughters have had on her, she admitted that “they’ve taught me [how to be more independent] more than anyone.”

She explained the moment her daughters showed her how to speak her mind without offending others.

Rached said: “I thought, ‘Oh my god you’re right you didn’t like that and you’ve said it and you’ve said it in a way where you’ve not offended someone you’ve just made it clear.’”

This comes after the doting mum revealed her daughter Sophia’s plans to go on Love Island next year.

When asked why she thought Sophia would make a good contestant on the show, Rachel shared how her daughter would be able to hold her own inside the villa.

She added: “She is a strong, intelligent independent woman, I think she could fare really well on [Love Island].

“She wouldn’t be mugged off I don’t think, she wouldn’t take any nonsense and she’s beautiful, so yeah that’s what she wants to do.

“I support them in everything they want to do.”

Rachel Lugo chatted as she joined a host of well-known reality TV stars at Boxstar Celebrity Boxing Press Conference on Thursday at The AO Arena, Manchester.

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