Raise Your Own Godzilla In the Kaiju's Latest Mobile Game

Toho has just released a new mobile game where you can raise Godzilla yourself and race him against other kaiju from his cinematic universe.

Named Run Godzilla, the new mobile title is basically a resource management game where you’ll have to juggle between building factories and feeding villagers in order to raise Godzilla. The more factories you build, the more diamonds you’ll produce, which in turn allows you to buy more villagers to make Godzilla stronger through prayers. But villagers also rely on apples, which can be destroyed if there’s too much smoke generated from factories, so you’ll have to carefully balance your priorities and resources. Once your Godzilla is strong enough, you’ll be able to race him against other monsters from previous Godzilla films, and winning will both reduce smoke and also increase apple supply, making further progression easier.

For the Godzilla fans out there, Run Godzilla is now available for download over on the Apple App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android devices respectively.

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