Powerful meaning behind Frankie Essex’s twins names

Earlier this month, former The Only Way Is Essex starFrankie Essex announcedthe happy news that she’d given birth to twins.

The 34 year old reality TV star first revealed thatshe and partner Luke Luv were set to become parents back in February in an exclusive shoot.

After announcing their birth on 24 May,Frankie shared a sweet snap of the non-identical twins, a boy and a girl, wrapped up in a blanket with their feet intertwined.

But now, Frankie and Luke, 32, have shared the name of their little ones in an exclusive interview with new magazine.

Revealing the names, Frankie said: “Our son is called Logan and weighed 5lb 4oz, and our daughter is Luella and weighed 4lb 8oz.”

But what do the sweet names mean and why did the doting parents choose them? Let’s take a peek…

When it came to naming the little tots, TV personality Franke explained that she’d named Luelle and Luke had named Logan.

“Luella has always been my girl name since I was 20 – I’ve never told anyone the name in case they stole it,” she said.

According to baby name websiteThe Bump, Luella is an “enchanting Old English name”.

“Luella is also sometimes thought to be a derivation of the French masculine name Louis, which means “famed warrior,” it adds.

While the name may be uncommon in the UK, the website reports that the moniker is perfect for parents looking for something with a “bit of magic” to it.

Speaking of how Luke chose Logan’s name, Frankie explained: “He loves the [X-Men] character Wolverine, who’s called Logan.”

She also added that the name has a similar meaning to Luella.

“They both mean warrior, but we only found that out recently,” she said.

As stated by The Bump, Logan is a gender neutral name and is popular among parents expecting both boys and girls.

“Logan is originally of Gaelic and Scottish descent, from the word ‘lag,’ meaning ‘hollow’,” it says.

“Logan is replete with cultural significance. Along with the sci-fi cult classic Logan's Run, there's also Logan: a movie starring Hugh Jackman as the popular Wolverine in the X-Men comic book series.”

After a positive pregnancy, free from sickness and swelling, Frankie booked in to have the babies delivered by elective C-section at Broomfield Hospital in Essex at 37 weeks and the pair have been in a love bubble ever since.

“Nothing will ever shock me as much as that day I found out I was pregnant with twins at my eight-week scan,” explained Frankie.

“I screamed and cried my eyes out with happy tears.”


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