Poundland is selling gingerbread toffee popcorn – and we can't wait to try it

MACKIE's of Scotland has just launched a gingerbread popcorn flavour and it's supposed to taste just like Christmas.

And as usual for most products in Poundland, the pack will only set you back £1.

The gingerbread toffee flavoured treats are so far available in Poundland stores across England only.

But the discount retailer hasn't yet clarified how long the toffee treats are going to be available for, but as it's a seasonal product we expect them be to the around until Christmas at least.

Popcorn are usually healthier than crisps, even when compared to Christmas flavours – and that's the case with this flavour too.

Each bag of the popcorn contains 167 calories per 100 gram, meaning the 170 gram bag only contains 283 calories.

Meanwhile, a 180 gram bag of Iceland's Christmas tree flavoured crisps contains a whopping 918 calories for the whole bag.

The pigs in blanket flavoured crisps by Iceland and Mark & Spencer also contain over 900 calories.

In other words, you don't have to feel too bad if accidentally gobble up all the popcorn in one go.

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