PEOPLE Staff Get Real About Working from Home amid Coronavirus Pandemic — While Raising Kids

K.C. Baker
Staff Writer
Mom to: Lindsay, 15, and Cameron, 17

Now that both my kids are home all day, I’ve never prepared so many meals in my life! Or gotten up to let my two cats in and out day! In between covering breaking stories and reporting on grisly murders for the crime team, I have to get up at least 10 times a day to let the cats out so they can climb trees, claw at the giant scratching post in our backyard (our wooden jungle gym) and bask in the sunshine. Why don’t I just ignore them? They meow really loudly to let me know they are itching to escape (aren’t we all?) When they want to come back in, they pluck at the family room window screen or paw the glass on the patio slider to let me know they’re ready to come back in. Again. But they’re awfully, cute, so like my kids, they get away with murder …

Stephanie Emma Pfeffer
Health Writer/Editor
Mom to: Harrison, 4, and Beatrix, 7

I basically let them do anything — as long as they’re quiet. Results may vary.

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