Paul McCartney saved fans life during Glastonbury set

A Paul McCartney fan has claimed the the singer saved her life after she collapsed from hyperthermia during his Glastonbury set.

Lisa Morris, 50 has spent seven hours in the cold waiting for the singer to come on stage and a few songs into his set collasped.

On a night when Paul made history by becoming the oldest solo performer to command a headline slot at 80, the legendary musician paused his tribute to Jimi Hendrix to make sure a festival-goer was okay,

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But he had to cut short a tribute to Jimi Hendrix after witnessing security removing a member of the audience in front of him.

Fans and viewers saw the Beatles legend stop the show and say "What’s going on over there?”

He gestured the audience to help, adding: “Is there something happening there? If so, let’s tend to it. Come on."

A moment later he added: “It’s okay we sorted it we sorted it. There you go, mate!”

He then joked: “It wasn’t that solo I played? All right.”

Glastonbury's medical staff took Lisa to the medical tent where she spent the rest of her evening.

Doctors told Lisa, who was wearing a Macca T-shirt and a Sgt Pepper denim jacket, that her temperature was very dangerous.

She was only 35C, 2C below normal.

Lisa, who lives Bath, Somerset, told The Sun: “Macca made my life and now he saved it too.”

The mum of one, who developed a love of McCartney’s music as a young girl, added: “I’ve been a Macca fan since I can remember. He’s my hero and there was no way I was going to miss him. I made sure I got the best spot by the stage and waited seven hours for him to come on.

"It was pretty chilly and by then my hands were numb. All of a sudden I just blacked out. It wasn’t far into the gig. It was all a bit of blur, I felt myself just fading.

“Who knows what could have happened if I’d been left with no help."

Lisa was upset to have missed the set but said she will 'take it to the grave' that she saw Paul McCartney perform live.

Speaking about Hendrix again afterwards he said: "“One of the greatest tributes he ever paid us was when we released Sgt Pepper as a tribute to him and he opened his show with it, he played it really well as a solo … he was really working it, giving it a lot of welly.”

Paul received a huge round of applause from the crowd when he first took to the Pyramid Stage, telling them: "Oh man, it’s so good to be here. We were supposed to be doing this three years ago."

"So here we are. We've got some old songs, we've got some new songs and we've got some inbetweeners.

"I've got a feeling we're going to have a great time tonight!"

The music legend dedicated his piano-led rendition of My Valentine to third and current wife Nancy Shevell, who was in the audience watching him play.

He said: “The next song I’ll do is one I wrote for my wife Nancy, she’s in the audience tonight with us, this one’s for you Nanc,”

Towards the end of the set, Sir Paul brought on rock icons Bruce Springsteen and Dave Grohl to join him in performing two classic Beatles songs.


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