Oven cleaning hack from professional leaves appliance gleaming with simple steps

A woman who says she's the "best cleaner in the world" has shared her essential method to clean one of the home's dirtiest and most daunting objects – the oven.

Auri Kananen, who lives in Tampere, Finland, has an Instagram account and a huge TikTok following where she shares cleaning hacks and even tidies her fans' homes for free if they are filthy enough.

The 27-year-old works as a manager in a professional cleaning company, having joined the profession aged 14, and says making people happy is the best part of her job.

Auri told Daily Star that if you are feeling overwhelmed about cleaning your home "get help", but if you're up for the task here is how to clean your oven.

Auri's failsafe method uses four tools – oven cleaner liquid, disposable cloth, steel wool and a scraper.

Explaining the method, she told this site: "Apply the oven cleaner and wet those disposable cloths also with the cleaner.

"Then lay those cloths on the walls and the bottom of the oven.

"Let them sit there for about 2 hours.

"Remove the cloths and scrub the oven with some steel wool.

  • Professional oven cleaner's 'non-toxic' trick that leaves appliances shining

"Then wipe everything with water and microfibre cloth.

"For the front glass, use the scraper."

Auri also made a helpful TikTok video showing how she cleans one of the filthiest ovens we have ever seen using the method above.

In the clip, she sprays the inside of the stove with oven cleaner, including the fan, and chips off the dirt on the hobs with a scraper.

In the comments, Auri explains that she uses Ecolab Greasecutter fast foam to dissolve the burnt-on grease.

One fan told her: "I wish you could clean my entire house!

"With four children it’s hard to keep on top of.

"Wow though, you’re amazing."

"I have been stalking your page omg I love these," gushed another enthusiast.

This comes after Auri told us that nothing is too disgusting for her to tackle – and has even found human poo on toilet seats during cleaning jobs.

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