Optical illusion says a lot about you & finds if youre introvert or extrovert

A new optical illusion can say a lot about you.

The image can determine whether you're an extrovert or introvert, just by looking at it.

It shows a turquoise circle with a face and two birds forming a luscious moustache against a black background.

You should stare at the image for a short period of time to see what you spot first.

At first glance, you might see a round moon face and the two birds create the 'stache.

If it's the blue moon face you see first, it means you're an introvert, reports India-based education web portal Jagran Josh.

Also it means you're a sensitive, yet kind person, who avoids conflict and has marvellous intuition to stay out of tough issues.

It even means you learn from your mistakes as this type of personality brings both strengths and challenges.

And if you saw a glimpse of the birds first, it indicates that you're warm and fun-loving extroverted people.

This means you enjoy life to the fullest, are lighthearted, funny, spiritual and playful.

Also it means you can be friendly to other people, open-minded and pleasant to be around.

Looking for more optical illusions?

Another illusion shows a second "hidden tiger", but only 1% of people can find it.

The second "hidden tiger" isn't really an animal, it's actually the words "hidden tiger" spelled out.

If you look carefully at the animal's torso, you'll see the two words stretching across the stomach and down one of its back legs.

  • Optical illusion confuses viewers as it makes circles appear to change colour

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On a different occasion, we had an optical illusion which can say a lot about you too.

Depending on what animal you see first can determine many things about you.

We'll give you a slight clue, there are 12 different animals in the tricky illusion.

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