Office workers share their VERY imaginative working from home set ups

Stacked it! Office workers share VERY imaginative working from home set ups – with some balancing laptops on boxes and books to create a standing desk and one resorting to a CAR BOOT

  • Employees have been asked to avoid the office and work from home instead
  • Not everyone has a desk so some resort to ironing boards and laundry baskets
  • People from around the world have shared their imaginative home office set ups
  • Do you have an unusual office set up? Email [email protected] 
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Office workers from across the world have started working from home this week as part of efforts to stem the spread of coronavirus.

But not everyone has a workable office – or even a desk – in their abodes, so these unfortunate employees had to get creative.

From laptops placed on ironing boards to makeshift standing desks constructed from books piled precariously high, the efforts that have been shared on Twitter are commendable – if a little desperate.

Jules Forrest, from San Francisco, started the thread when she shared a picture of her computer on top of a laundry basket in front of her studio apartment’s front door.  

Here FEMAIL has collated some of the most imaginative WFH set ups for your amusement – so, who can relate?

This San Francisco-based YouTube product designer, with the Twitter name Venus, used her friend’s Lexus RCF as a temporary desk. She got some work done while shopping for a better home office set up 

Pedro Luis Pérez-Zubizarreta balanced his laptop on top of thick books in an effort to create a standing desk on his dining room table at his home in California, US. He works in publishing, marketing and communications at the University of California Press

Staff from across the globe have shared pictures of their bemused pets infiltrating their work space as they make the most out of working from home.   

From craving attention to taking a snooze on their working owner’s lap, these sweet pictures show the best part of being banned from the office amid the coronavirus outbreak.

As employees shared their imaginative home office set ups, others uploaded pictures of their adorable pets being the best kind of distraction on a Twitter thread. Here FEMAIL brings you some of the best. 

Samoyed/Corgi mix Koda lives with his owner Mathieson in Toronto. Here he’s having a peek over the laptop keyboard to see if his master has finished working yet

Sofi Ameli, from San Francisco, shared a photograph of her golden retriever Emmett taking a nap on her husband Nate’s lap while he worked away on his laptop

Jamie Boyd D, from Yorkshire, shared this sweet image of his dog lying down between his two laptops as he worked at home

Meghan Feeley, from the US, shared this sweet snap of her pet dog resting its chin on the keyboard of her laptop

Hadley King, a senior research associate at GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences in Washington DC, posted this picture of his cat taking over his office space

Broadcaster Linden Kemkaran shared a photograph of her cat sitting next to her while she worked. Apparently the cat, who lives with her in Kent, was purring so loudly she could be heard over Skype

One man from Kent posted a picture of his tortoiseshell cat joining him on the sofa where he was working with his laptop 

This man from Glasgow, Scotland shared this sweet photo of his Italian Greyhound checking in to see if he’d finished working

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